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WWW (Where were we?)

We awoke this Morning full of questions on everything from “What ever happened to” and “When did that change” and the all familiar ” Nobody told me” as we normally do every Morning . We sit by the window in our Family Room  and gaze out at the world watching it wake up and developing into a new day. Mom checks her iPad for her games she plays, and I skim thru our eMail, Twitter and Facebook accounts, let the kids know we survived the Night, touch base with the neighbors and catch up on what’s happening with world. Our Morning conversations may not be gifted but at least we do talk to one another and applaud each others thoughts and plans for the day.

This Morning the tail-end of a snowstorm was passing by us and thru Ohio and all was peaceful and serene. Our Coffee cups are full of Hot Coffee, the House toasty warm and the two of us as content as we could be. Mom and I sometimes are criticized for living in the past in our thinking and being so critical of the present. Maybe we do but you got to remember, our knowledge base goes back some 70 years, and the information that we are exposed to today  sometimes contradicts what we were taught. To us the world is flying by at a pace that we find hard to run with,  being bombarded with information that is all too graphic, superfluous, and down right ” I really didn’t need to know that.” The way and manner that these stories and news events are brought to us, is discussing to us, well, maybe me more than Kay. The use of the English Language today has become a thorn in my side. Our desire to communicate with others and the  expression of ones thoughts, is Paramount in today’s Society and the use of sensationalism for competition purposes and the misleading and vague statements used to lead into a story is really not necessary. Sorry, I got carried away again.

I try hard to uphold the Queens English in my everyday life learning what little of it in Grade School, High School, and my 5 years at “Our lady of perpetual Fuck-ups”,  the rest was relentlessly beaten into me by my wife of 30 years who was from English Parents and herself an Canadian/English subject who absolutely refused to accept the English Language spoken in the States(Colonies) as the True Kings English. She was a good sport in not giving our children English Accents.

OK, Back to the story.  Our neighbor, bless her soul, I’ll call her Audrey, entered a statement into Facebook and then received a return message using a form of the English Language that I was not familiar with. The message started with SMH , a little criticism and concluded with lol. Now when Mom and I were growing up, lol meant Lots of Love, but we since have learned in today’s modern communication skills, it means Laughing out loud, Phew!, Flirtation levels were getting a little strange there for a while amongst a few individuals. But SMH got us. I Twittered my neighbor and asked her to explain to us what SMH meant. She Twittered me back and said she had to Google it too, and it meant “Shaking My Head”. I never thought to Google something like that. I tried it also and lo and behold there’s a website that has all the Acronyms  used  in todays cellar of English Literature. It’s call “Urban Dictionary”. I’ll put some of the most used ones down on a index card, keep it by the PC and we’ll have some Rip snorting, Finger Biting Conversations with the Kids and Grand-Kids.

Here are a few tidbits of information that has gone the way of the past that may help you someday in having a conversation with some “Old Folks.” It may help them to know that you do understand how hard it’s been for them to step into a world of rapid deterioration.

Before there was Cool ,like “That’s Cool Man”  there was the phrase “That’s copacetic” or “everything is copacetic”.   Now a days everyone says “Awesome Man” or just plain “Awesome” to acknowledge someone’s build, adventure or character.  Back when we were young and you’ll even hear Jimmy Stewart tell Donna Reed in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”  that,”Gee Mary, Your Swell”   Nobody uses the word Swell anymore. When was the last time your Husband, Wife or Boyfriend or your Kids told you that you’re Swell?. The Romantic and congratulatory aspect of that word has all but disappeared from the English Language. It was the precursor of “I Love You.

There was “Jiminy Cricket, Holy Cow, and Cheese and Crackers” Or “Rats.” In conversations I had with my Brother about World War Two he would tell of young men suddenly thrusted from Rural/ Farm life into a society of other men who had worldly experience. Where one individual would cuss up a blistering array of swear words ,there would be this farm boy who had his own words he would use as cuss words and some were downright hilarious to hear, words that he could use in front of his Mom and Dad and even at the Soda Fountain with his Girlfriend who he would tell “You look swell Mary!

Mom and I realize that the world is changing. We dabble our toes in the stream of knowledge, we pick up some pointers here and there and we try to use them in day-to-day life but for the most part, were happy that we have lived when we did and  saw all the good things happen and we cried along with the others when bad things happened. I do enjoy seeing all the wonderful things that are part of our society today. I just wished that people would talk again and in a manner showcasing our beautiful language.


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