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I’m not a philosopher nor am I an expert in human behavior. I’m not a follower of  others  But sadly to say I do sometimes believe in what I see and hear. Whether it has any social impact on me has yet to be determined. It could  the epitaph on my Tombstone that states, ” Maybe he was right” I was raised in a different time and Society of respect for others and of my self. If I did something wrong, I was punished. Not violently, but punished, most of it applied to my ass, never to my face or anywhere else. Knowing what’s right from wrong is only a byproduct of your raising. Being taught what’s right from wrong will carry more weight in today’s society especially if you apply it to everyday life. If your parents didn’t give a shit about raising you, you will have inherited the same attitude and surprisingly , your children will be the same way. But if you were taught respect, and you admonished it, you will have  pass it on to your kids through a channel called  tough love and you’ll be respected for your  beliefs, and your outpouring of Love to your children and from others that instow the same philosophy in their lives..There is an unwritten code on human behavior and what respect is warranted from ones life from the time you step out of the crib to adulthood. If you’re not taught respect, then forget it! You’ll never receive any. as with so many things in life, you have to reciprocate. Offering one love, will get you love back. Giving respect to someone will insure that respect will be shown you. in demanding discipline from your children will assure that you’ll receive respect from them, especially later on in life, and for some reason, that’s when it usually appears. It’s strange, How you raise and discipline your children doesn’t show up in there lives till they have children of their own and that smirky little smile comes forward from your mouth, Yes, They learned!

Never make someone or something a  Priority when all you are to them is an option. Displaying your priorities shows others how they should perceive you in general. an opinion is formed from actions and behavior. Just make sure it’s the right one you want to be seen as.


Glen W. Haase



That next Morning I was up and Moving early, I walked to the mess hall and had a good breakfast, something I haven’t had in a while. Breakfast at the Mess Hall in Danang was OK, but it was in a quote, “War Zone”. We had no Refrigeration early on in the conflict so Food luxuries were not on the Menu. Powder Eggs, Powdered Milk, and meals that had a hint of Cardboard seasoning were always on the menu.

It wasn’t till I say about the Spring of 1967 that there was Refrigeration in the Galleys of the Mess halls.  After eating I made my way out to the curb and hailed a base cab and proceeded to the Warehouse and Storage Facilities were I asked to see the Captain and showed him my orders and required paperwork to secure a large shipment of crates and structures known as a Gull Hoist and make arrangements to have them shipped to Danang Naval Support Activity.

Gull Hoist

Danang had a fairly large Naval Repair Facility and although they didn’t handle large ships from the 7 Th. Fleet, they did maintain and repair most of the River Craft used in Vietnam. I received my go-head to acquire the Gull Hoist and was told that they would make arrangements to have it transported from Warehouse and Storage Facility yards and move it to the Staging area in Freeport  under procurement Number  da da dah. It would be up to me to make arrangements with the Bureau of Docks and Warehouses to have the Crates and Structures loaded on board a ship and transported to Danang Vietnam. The Navy is an extremely large Bureaucratic machine that rolls along unaware where it’s going and if it ever came to a stop, It would be totally destroyed by it own Ass.  So my next stop is the Bureau of Warehouses and Docks and sit down with the Officer in charge and explain again what’s happening and what’s been appropriated so far and what needs to be done next and where he fits into the equation. I love this job! I travel, I meet new people and I see what a cluster f..k this whole thing is, But, It’s an Adventure and I love Adventures. It’s now 5 Pm and I’m Hungry , I’m tired, and I want a Coke. Everything is done. Given a good week, the gull Hoist will be loaded onto a LST and  start the 5 day trip to Danang Vietnam and then I start the whole thing over again, but this time in reverse order. (The receiving processes) Check-offs and re-labeling crates and structures, making arrangements for shipping and storage until it’s assembled. Assembling copies of all the paperwork and hand delivering all copies to required individuals and departments. I believe there were 18 individual open metal structures, 40 some crates of parts, one Diesel Engine with a Generator Attached on a skid, and 8 Huge tires along with one crate of paper work that contained assembly instructions and instructions on how to destroy or incapacitate the Hoist if it were to fall into enemy hands.


LST- 529

On the way back to Transient Housing, I stopped at the Acey Duecy Club to grab a Coke and something to eat. I never cared for loud and boisterous Bars I would rather enjoy my food and drink in a more subdued atmosphere, But it was close to my housing. As I looked around most of the Sailors were drinking the local Brew called San Miguel so when asked, I order myself one of those along with something to eat that was american. I was a Miller High Life Beer drinker back home and trying to find a Miller High life overseas especially in the Pacific theater was impossible I usually drank what was local or drank my old standby  Scotch on the Rocks. Lite beers as we know them weren’t around in 1966. San Miguel was not a bad tasting beer but after reading the label I concluded I don’t like beer brewed with Rice rather than Barley. Within two hours of having two Beers, I developed the worst headache and from then on , I refused Beers made with Rice. I’ll have a Coke instead.

I would end up going back to the Philippines two more times before my tour of duty was over. Major Construction came to a halt in the summer of 1968 in Vietnam just before the Tet Offensive. In my opinion the writing began to appear on the wall that we were not going to win this one, Politically and militarily.


My Kids always ask me “What did you do during the War Dad?”  Hell,  that was 48 Years ago, any way, Here’s one of my Adventures as I remember it………

I was handed this small grey duffel bag as we walked from the hangar out to the plane. “Whats this?” I asked, “It’s your parachute but don’t worry, we’ll never be high enough for you to use it successfully.” I kind of turned it over looking at all sides of it wondering where I put it on, then on one side I saw this Military lettering that said ” Tinker Air Force Base” “Inspected June of 58”.  “Great” I said under my breath. This is 1966″ I Located the straps stuffed in a fold of the bag, slipped it over my shoulder and proceeded to the Plane. My flights to Subic Bay in the Philippines were always on Navy Aircraft usually a Convair C-131D.  This time I was Flying a C -123 Provider via “Air America”(CIA) because the normal scheduled flight left earlier and was already there.

Convair C-131D C123-small

Convair     C131-D                                                                  Fairchild  C-123

This was my Fifth time of flying to the Philippines to procure Construction items for the Naval Support Activity in Danang, Third time alone. Flying time to Clark Air Force base in the Philippines from Danang Air Base in Vietnam was about 5 -1/2 Hours. 800 Miles, about a half Hour more on the return trip. Sometimes we’d stop in the Parcel Islands to re-fuel. The bus ride from Clark to Subic Bay Naval Base took another Hour, so it was a day wasted in travel since there were days we didn’t leave Danang until after Noon.

Me again

All In house construction ( That done by U.S. Navy Seabee’s) went thru us (Planning and Estimating) as did the Monies for those projects. The Seabee’s handled about 5% of the new construction in Vietnam, the other 95% was contracted thru Civilian Contractors, mostly from the States, South Korea and Japan. Every project had an estimate dollar amount and that amount came out of General Funds for NSA. When a Department needed something new that wasn’t on the Master Plan for NSA, it would come to us for Planning and Estimating and the appropriating of the funds and Materials. In the early years of the Vietnam Conflict, I was one of three project managers who did the Estimating, Planning and appropriating of the funds for projects that had an estimate of over $500,000.00 in the I Core portion of Vietnam. Obtaining signatures, approvals for the labor costs was also my job, plus obtaining, stockpiling and final distribution of material and equipment, for the project, Hence my traveling to Subic Bay for that’s where all of our material and equipment came from. If it originated somewhere else like Japan, Hawaii or the States, it was shipped to Subic Bay first.

Flying over to Subic to obtain equipment for the Support Activity was a lot faster than going thru normal channels of correspondence between us and the supply base. We could walk a request thru in a matter of days and obtain all the signatures needed to purchase what we needed. If the request were to go the normal channels via couriers and Mail , it would take months, plus with me going over there I could confirm that they had what we needed and doing it face to face seemed to make it easier to do business. I just couldn’t get pushy or demanding. I did a lot of Aye Aye Sir and Yes Sir to a lot of Officers.

My Flight over here to Vietnam was onboard a C-141 Starlifter from San Francisco to Tokyo Japan then on to Kadena Air Force on Okinawa. From there to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines then onto Danang Air Force base in Vietnam. The whole trip took about a day and a half. The Starlifter was a 4 engine jet transport of huge proportions with padded seats along the bulkheads of the main cabin. Very comfortable flight and plenty of room to get up and walk around.

c-141b-990868a C-141 interior

Climbing aboard the C-123  aircraft was like entering a railroad boxcar, it was about 1/6 Th the size of the C-141,  it was empty , dirty and the sides were exposed ribbing and sheet metal, there were fold down wooden seats along the side of the fuselage with straps hanging down from the top of the cabin and wooden grating on the floor. It was lacking a lot of TLC, It did have a few portals that let in light. “Grab a seat, we’ll be rolling in a few minutes” the Captain said. The Co-Pilot was about the same age but not as neat in his attire. I sat down in one of the fold down seats then moved down a few till I found one that had a working seat belt. I could hear them talking up front then one of the engines started , then the other. The whole aircraft began to shake, twist, and vibrate immensely, I thought that the damn plane was going to shake apart. The Co-Pilot looked down at me and gave me a thumbs up and I felt us moving. We must have driven around the whole damn airport for what seemed an hour before we stopped. I kept thinking, I should have taken one of those seats by a window. We sat there for about 10 Minutes and then he gunned the engines. My God were going to die. I never seen an aircraft shake so much and it felt like we were rolling down a plank road and noise, terrible loud noises. As I looked down the entire length of this airplane there was not one thing that wasn’t swinging, bouncing or gyrating in the plane. Then all of a sudden it got quiet, It became smooth the plane stopped vibrating and I could feel us climbing. I unbuckled my seat belt and pulled my way over to a window just in time to see us leave the confines of the Airport and head out over the South China Sea. Whew, I said to myself, as I reached for my bag and  grabbed a book and slouched my self down in the seat for the 5 plus Hour flight to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. I don’t think we flew higher than 2000 Ft. above the South China Sea all the way there and I wondered why I was the only passenger on board and when I got up and walked towards the front of the plane and asked the Captain that and why we were flying empty to Subic Bay, he replied, “I was a last-minute addition to the flight, and they were taking the craft back to Subic for overdue Maintenance on its engines.”. “Great, I thought, “Why does this Thought always come into my head at the wrong time, The one where  this inner voice says “Everything happens for a reason.”  Thinking back to when I called the Navy Flight Dispatcher  and stated I needed a flight to Subic, he ask me “How soon can you get here?”  I should have told him tomorrow would be soon enough. The droning from the two engines quickly put me in a napping mood, which I did, figuring, if were going to belly flop in the South China Sea, I don’t want to be awake when it happens.

The landing was about as interesting as the take-off, I was tired and wasn’t as tuned into the noise and vibration as I was when we left. I check-in at the Naval desk in the Terminal and sat and waited for the Navy Bus to Subic Bay. I traveled in my Navy Fatigues and had my Dress Khakis for meetings and a change of skivvies with me for three days. I already felt the need for a shower.  The bus ride from Clark AFB to Subic Bay Naval Support Facilities was pretty decent, a good highway bypassing all the Military Traps of Bars, Whore Houses and Tattoo Parlors of  Olongapo and Zambales and took you directly to the Navy base.. After checking in at the Gate, I took the base cab to the Mess Hall for something to eat then walked over to the Transient Housing, took a shower and bedded down for the night.

Gull Hoist Pt. 2 next


Being normal is boring, so I decided to be myself! I hate it when Spell Checker puts that red line under the word you just typed. It just confuses me that much more. If it looks right it probably is. Just cause there’s a red line underneath the word doesn’t mean it’s spelled wrong,  It means that Spell checker is guessing  just like me. And when you right-click the word, this little box comes up that says ignore. You bet I will cause I had it spelled right in the first place. So there! There is nothing wrong with Farting in an Elevator, I just haven’t figure out when is the best time to do it is.  I hate it when someone enters the elevator that you’re in and squints up their nose and gives you that Sherlock Holmes look. I must look guilty, so I bow my head were I should have looked tall and said” Ain’t that sweet one?”  Where has it all gone Blanch? Remember that Commercial? Boy, that still fits into today’s society and our way of thinking. How about “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”. How many people do you see every day that fit into that mold. ( no pun intended).  How about the Women who blows her horn at a shopping cart rolling across the parking lot. The guy who checks his zipper when he exits his car. “What the hell were you doing in there? the women who always checks her hair each time she walks by a window. The young man looking at an older car at a car show and asked Why does it have two brake pedals? I like looking at the Murphy s Law list. I’ve done or had each and every one of them happen in my life. I think the catholic Church should come up with a Murphy’s Law List for the Ten Commandments. I’m sure they would get a lot more converts.  I believe in using seat belts, but reaching around to get yours and then trying to find the device that you connect to down in the cavity of the seat scares me at what else is down there. At 73 I consider myself pretty flexible, I mean I do exercise and I still can touch my toes but old age has put limits on what you can do and can’t do. Like reaching around your body to a point 8 inches behind you to grab the male end of the buckle on a seat belt than  pull it across your body to a point far below where you’re seated to engage its Female counterpart. Have you ever made Love in the back seat of a 49 Ford Coupe? The preparation is far more exhausting than the act. Then having to repeat the process in reverse especially if it’s too damn cold to get out of the car.  You know what I’m talking about. Hey! I’m old, I can and will complain. Elderly people are not a factor when come to designing new automobiles. They make us bend down lower and contort our feeble bodies in such a manner to enter an automobile that once were in, there’s not a whole hell of a lot we can do. It’s like the Garlic press. Some time ago I wrote about the Human Ass and I think that article needs to be reopened and examined again “LARGE”  February 22, 2013, which I will do again later this Winter.

These are a few of my observations of life.


Smoky Mountain Trip 109-L

There is a lot not to like about getting old. Disappointment is probably the hardest to adjust to. Not being able to enjoy the foods you use to pig out on, the diminished capacity you have when out drinking with friends, Happy Hour becoming Nap Time, and  having to settle for good friends instead of lovers. Holding hands instead of a rendezvouses. But getting old does have some rewards. The mind never gets old nor does it ever stop filling your head with excitement and Desires from the past, present and even the future. Since I’ve had my Heart Attack Kay has kept her eagle eye on my health. If it’s too cold outside, I can’t go out with out covering up my mouth and nose. Cold air makes your blood vessels shrink. Kay observes my clothing habits and she makes me dress I think some times to warm for conditions. I cannot shovel snow nor sweep stairs and sidewalks.  I can use the Snowblower, but only for limited times. It does pull you and sometimes too fast for my walking speed. So, I just let Kay do it and stand by and observe and occasionally offer my critic. I do get disappointed in not being able to do things that I took for granted, Washing the car, waxing the car and lately, not being comfortable driving at night. I love cooking and baking bread trying new recipes  preparing meals for us and for guests, But having to adjust recipes because of changing eating restrictions or tolerances has taken all the fun out of cooking. Luckily we can still enjoy the breads that I bake. So I have adjusted my life, Modified my life, and I will exemplify my life with those things that I can do now.


My Girls are celebrating their Birthdays this Month and their entering the best time of their lives right now. I remember my self going into my 40’s and at the time I thought I’m really getting old, but it turn out to be the most exciting time in my life and I ended up enjoying my 40’s. I really felt like an Adult, I had mature Ideas I did Mature things I drove a Mature car and I dressed like a person my age should dress. My Family lived the good life with multiple cars, we sold our old house and bought a large modern house, purchased a Sailboat, Sailed the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico  every Winter for several years, We did Vacations two or three times a year,  The Girls went to the best Colleges, Obtained their Masters. Our income surpassed are spending habits and we owned stocks in all the best companies. It all started to happen when we got into our 40’s so you ask “why are you so sad”?  I’m 30 years ahead of them and I know my days are limited and I want to be here when they get to be my age so they, as I am doing now, look back and see on how great it has been. For their doing all the right things.

When I was in my 20’s I thought I’d never survive Vietnam. It’s very nerve racking when someone is shooting at you, I mean I enjoyed adventure and I was scared but I also had that thin red Line and I guess that got me thru the service and back home again.

The 30’s were hard! Remodeling an old house we bought so we could raise kids in it. Making an old car last a few more years. Our repair and remodeling expenses exceeded our Income, raising two girls and sending them to a Catholic School was costly but that’s what we wanted to do. Somehow it all worked out and “We did it”.

I believe in having a good education, It will get you a good paying job and wanting to succeed drives a person to better themselves and also to drive there children to succeed.  having discipline in raising children and on ones endeavors will eliminate errors and assure successes and also one important thing, having two people who share the same philosophy on the direction of their lives and of their children is a must. two opposing views won’t work for a relationship nor in the raising of a family.

My advice,  Live a good life, Laugh at your errors , Love all that come into your life but also, take the time and the responsibility to make it all work.


I believe it’s the best of relationships, Kay and I share a house that the two of us have put a lot of money into to make it a loving  Home for two old retired people. We each have are own Bedroom  and respect each others rights. I put in all new Electrical, Plumbing and a Heating system to keep us cozy and warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer. Kay has decorated the house in a Country Motif, We don’t buy each other gifts at the Holidays as we have almost every thing we need, so we give to charities in and around Toledo and to our Church. Well, last year after visiting my Daughter in Chicago at Thanksgiving, Kay fell in love with my Daughters iPad. Kay kept saying ” I got to get me one of these”. So I broke our tradition at Christmas and I bought Kay an iPad.

Neither Kay nor I are savvy when it comes to electronics and getting this iPad to work was impossible. So we had to Skype my Daughter on my Computer and have her walk Kay through starting and using this device. we did get it working and made arrangements for my Daughter to come out in February and spend the weekend teaching Kay and myself the fundamentals of using an iPad.  After getting the Password and Username crap out-of-the-way Kay started to become a wiz at using her iPad. Well, my Daughter started Kay on this game,”Words with Friends” and Kay has been hooked now for almost a year and even though it’s called Words with friends, it’s basically a Scrabble Game on the iPad. Now there’s apps. that you can get that will help you find words and the correct spelling for them, but Kay is determined to do it the old fashion way using a Dictionary that 25 years old in the drawer alongside her Couch Potato Chair. Yes! Potato Chair. That’s where Kay resides lately. She spends about 8 Hours a day pushing letters around the screen of her iPad hoping to make a word that’s not rejected by the Game Guru and asking me how to spell ridiculous words that I ‘ve never used in my life nor would I ever. I like to keep my conversations simple and uncomplicated. hey, but listen, Kay’s having fun, she’s increasing her vocabulary and from playing with lots other players has befriended several nice people from all over the Country. I just wish she would recognize my existence now and then.

Kay and iPad

A Day in the Life

With the Absence of a clock on the wall, I had to guess it was about 7 or 8 PM. I was hungry, tired but comfortable, no pain. I was told I was on the waiting list to go down to where they do the Catheterizing. Golly, I guess a lot of us people were having the same thing I was having. Have you ever notice that anywhere you have to wait they purposely do not hang a clock on the wall. Airports, Doctor’s and  Dentists waiting room, Hospitals, Restaurant waiting areas. Anyway, I was attended by several Nurses who always asked about my well being then proceed to stick me with some sort of sharp device. I was in a room with about two other men who also were suffering from post Heart Attack symptoms, one who I guess was a heavy smoker as he coughed and coughed all the time and moan, Geez, did he moan.  Kay stayed with me till about 10:00PM and then left to go home and said she be back in the Morning. She said that my Daughter Alisa and Tim were driving in from Chicago and would be here with her in the Morning. Needless to say that after the lights were dimmed for the night, sleeping was not to be accomplished with the coughing and moaning from the one Fellow next to me. Also, Members of the Hospitals Satanic Group, better known as the “Lab People” would sneak in while your just about to doze off, Flick on that massive Florescent Light over your bed and announce that they need some Blood to help starve off starvation that ran rampant down in the Lab. They did this several times a night both to me and the other two Gentlemen in the room. Never the less, I did manage to get a couple of hours sleep that first night.

Morning brought Kay and my Daughter Alisa and Husband Tim to me along with our Pastor from Church, Marshall. I was informed that I would forgo breakfast as I was scheduled for Catheterization that day when ever there was an opening as mine was not an Emergency as the clot in my Heart had been dissolved my the medication given to me earlier, so when the opportunity arises, I’ll be rushed down there for the procedure. I’m Starving!!!!! The head Nurse promised me that right after I come back from the procedure that she’ll bring me a Ham Sandwich on Rye with a big Kosher Pickle. I was also told I’d be there at least till Sunday depending on my progress of recovery.  Hell, I’m ready to go home now.

It was about 2:00PM when the Nurse came in and told me they were going to send me down to the Operating Room soon and I should Pee now if I can. I’ve never been able to Pee on Cue. It’s something one must mentally prepare for and then after some Mental and Physical relaxation, Pee! When they came for me I had to transfer over to a cart and these huge  Male Nurses picked me up and lifted me onto a cold hard cart to be wheeled to my next destination. Every one grabbed my hand and said be strong, Love You, We’ll be waiting for you outside the OR, What, this not going to be life threatening, it’s a procedure done every day, don’t scare me like that!  As I was being wheeled down numerous hallways, I kept hearing this reoccurring them from the beguining of the “James Bond” movies. I was going to be all right. It’s an Adventure. I love Adventures. Lets go, Lets get it over with.

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Boy, I’m glad thats over!

I can think of several reasons not to remember events that took place in 2013. It was not a very good year to live thru let alone put on ones best remembered years, but for the first half of the year, it was I guess normal. I’ve yet to have anyone truly describe or identify what normal is, so I’ll say it was uneventful.

As I look back on August 22, 2013 I can say It started out as OK. I can’t remember it being any different from any other day other than having a Heart Attack. I woke up from my afternoon nap about 3:00PM, I some time take a 40 minute nap in the afternoon, Hell, I’m 72 years old, I can do that, plus it make me feel better after wards, anyway, I woke up with the strangest feeling in my chest, like I had a cement block lying on me. It was not painful, but different. I went out side and sat down on our park bench we have in the side yard, the sensation was still there but now I could feel a little pain associated with it. I got up and walk around to the back of the house were Kay was working on the back garden. I said,” Mom, I don’t feel good. I think I might be having a Heart Attack”. “Get in the car, I’ll be right back with some Aspirin”. She yelled. With-in a few minutes we were heading down the street toward the Hospital which is about two miles from our House.   As we pulled into the Emergency driveway Kay said “Get out and go in and tell them you’re having chest pains. I’ll park the Van and be right in”. Living in a small town one gets to know a lot of people just on a daily visual base, well, the Nurse on duty at the desk that afternoon was our neighbor down the street from us, “Hi Glen, how you doing?” I told her I was having Chest Pains and before I could let the words leave my mouth, she had me on a cart wheeling me down the hallway toward a room where several other nurses were gathering and awaiting my arrival. I mean they were pulling off my shirt, removing my shoes placing sensors on my chest and putting a stint on my wrist and placing a Nitro pill in my mouth. I’d say within a minute of arriving there I was hooked up to a Monitor and was being broadcast all over the ER and later learned my vitals were being transmitted all the way to Toledo thru Promedica and North West Ohio Cardiac Specialists. I was asked how I would describe the chest pain I was having as 1 thru 10 as 10 being the worst. I responded as saying it was a 4. Several nurses came in the room and check out my vitals which now are being televised on big screen TV alongside me. The On duty Cardiac Dr. talked to me and barked out some orders to the Nurses who later returned with a basket of vials which they proceeded to feed into my Intravenous tube attached to my left wrist. Kay arrived from parking the Van. She sort of took every thing in stride as the Dr. and Nurses worked around me.

From then on things sort-of settle down. No more pressure, no more pain. The two nurses kept bring in forms for me sign, asking questions on my past Medical history all the way back to when I had my Tonsils removed when I was Five years old, they were surprised when I remembered the Hospital I had them removed at. Swedish Covenant Hospital on Touey and California Avenues in Chicago. It had been two hours since I was brought in to the ER and it looked like they were going to send me home as things were quiet. Then it hit!!!!!  I went from pain level 0 on the 1 thru 10 scale to a 12! Alarms went off. the Dr. came running into the room. Mr. Haase, Your having a Heart Attack! I was rushed from the ER room I was in to the Cardiac Treatment Facility Room. I had a second stint put in my other wrist, I was given several Nitro pills, I was administered Morphine along with a whole bunch of shots injected into my I V,s and a about 5 large vills of a Clot Busting Medication, then the Doctor who was with me was talking to someone thru his headset and Microphone said “We’ll have him there with in the Half-Hour. Mr. Haase, Were sending you to Toledo Hospital right away. The Helicopter will be here in 5 Minutes.

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