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It’s been a long time since I sat in on a 5 year old’s Birthday party. Sophie, Kay’s Grand Daughter had a Birthday party at their House complete with a several slip and slide water apparatuses and a about 15 young girls and a few boys along with their Parents to celebrate her 5th. Birthday in a grand fashion. Kay and I were invited, even if we weren’t, we would have still shown up, just for the Birthday Cake and some Ice Cream. Let me explain!

We arrived on Friday afternoon amid torrential rains and Thunder Storms, and the forecast for the next few days was much of the same. The grass needs cutting, house needs cleaning, supplies needed to be bought, and several plastic pool items needed to be inflated, and the look on a 5 year old Girl who was starting to realize that her Birthday Party my not come-off as she and her mother have been planning for the last several weeks. The corners of her eyes were full of tears about ready to cascade down her cheeks each time the Weatherman would say that there’s about a 80% chance of rain all weekend. Mom and Dad had purchase this huge inflating water slide for the party and a chosen location to set it was decide on, but first, the Grass needed cutting, but Dad couldn’t cut the grass because it was raining, and the outlook was for more rain on Saturday. Mom had all the food and treats and grab bag gifts bought, the Cake was on order, the Balloons had been delivered, and all we could do was sit at the window and watch it rain, and rain it did!

Saturday. Forecast was for rain all day. The tears in the corner of Sophie’s eyes were ready to go over the dam. We spent the day cleaning up the house, cleaning out the Garage, and the patio decks. Kay and Sophie put together all the Party Favors, we set up the Ice Cone Machine and the Cotton Candy machine and made a few test runs of each one. Dad set up the Tractor to the Bush Hog and was ready a a moments notice to go out there and cut some grass. We played games, we colored books, we even baked some cookies to past the time, but alas, it continued to rain. Then on the 6:00 clock news, came the most exciting news we’ed heard all day, Sunday should be partly Sunny with only a 30% of Rain. A cheer went up in the house and a smile was on Sophie’s face. That night as Kay and I laid in bed we listened to the heavy rain pounding on the house and windows and prayed that it would end soon and that tomorrow would begin on a Sunny note.

I awoke at 6:30, my usual time to a strange brightness shining into our bedroom window. Sun I shouted, Sun!  I jumped from my bed and ran into Sophie’s bedroom, opened the blinds and said “The Suns Shining Sophie”  I think I’m the only one in our combined Families that wakes up with a Happy and Positive Mood! Fine, I said, I’m going to get up and enjoy this day. Phooey on the rest of you.  Washed my face, combed my hair( what little I got) got dressed and proceeded down stairs. Made a pot of Coffee, let the dogs out, walked around the house looking up at that beautiful blue sky. The grass was still wet, but given a couple of hours in this sunshine, it’ll dry in no time I said. Within an hour everyone was up and moving. Plans were being formatted  and it looks like Sophie will have her 5th Birthday Party after all. Plan was to have the Party from 3:00 to 5:00 and now it’s 11;00.  Brian fired up the Tractor and began cutting grass. Kay and I helped blow-up the few pool toys and ran the hose out to the back yard for the Slip and Slide. We set up tables and chairs, dragged the Grill around to the back and by 2:30 we had everything ready to go. I grabbed a chair and set myself up out of the way and began to take pictures of all the kids arriving and the look on there face when they saw the Slip and Slide. On went the Bathing Suits and the Party has officially  started. Birthday Parties are sure different from the ones we use to have when our kids were growing up, but I guess that’s a sign of the times.

The food was great, the treats superb  and the day it self was a winner for a 5 year old Girls Pool Party.




Summer has started out as Summers usually do, Hot. Kay got her Kayak just before we left for Chicago and when we returned she was hot to trot to get it in the water. Got it licensed and tagged and the stickers and numbers applied. Drove it down to the Reservoir for a test run. She loves it and it’s so easy to use. Kay spent an hour just paddling around, Molly kept trying to swim out to her and the self-stick numbers started to fall off. Now What! After trying to re-apply the numbers we gave up and took it to a professional sign maker to fix the problem. It seems that the numbers that the ODNR gave us will not stick to Polypropylene which the Hull of the Kayak is made of. So he cleaned the hull and applied a different type of numbers, which seem to be sticking so far. The Kayak carriers we ordered came yesterday so that day was spent installing them on our roof rack. The directions were terrible and also printed on toilet paper.(Not very clear and defining). But my superior mechanical skills got us through the directions and soon we had the supports mounted on the van. Getting the kayak up on top of the van was an other thing! Kay was born with too short of legs and lifting it up on to the van and placing the Kayak on the supports was proving to be a challenge for her. (She wanted to be able to do this on her own with out help from me). In the long run she’s going to need a step ladder to do what she’s trying to accomplish, or have me go with her when she goes Kayaking.

Kay and her Kayak

Kay and her Kayak

The AC went out in the Van Monday and made arrangements to have that repaired $$$$$$$$ Cachunk! Got the Van back Wednesday, took Molly to the vet for her annual shots and check-up, $$$$$$$ Cachunk! On the way back, the AC went out in the Van again. Called the Ford dealer and they came and picked it up this morning. Shouldn’t be a charge for this service. (I Hope)!

Going down to Kay’s Grand-Daughters tomorrow for her 5th. Birthday party this Sunday. It will be Sophie’s first big Birthday Bash with friends from Pre-School and Parents and Grand-parents included. No work this time for Kay and I, just enjoy the day. We are planning on stopping down in Amish Country on our way down and pick up some Cheese and fresh vegetables and take in some scenery thru Southeastern Ohio. Of course, this is all pending that we get our van back today.

Next week is grocery Shopping and the 4th. of July weekend and it looks like kay and I will be spending the Holidays home by our selves. The last several years we have spent the Holiday with the kids and this time were looking forward to a quiet 4th. of July

Dealer just called. Everything’s OK, Operator  problem (Kay).  Kay is a fanatic, impatient button pusher. Cars Computer needed to be be re-booted.

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