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Everything Happens for a Reason


I’m not a philosopher nor am I an expert in human behavior. I’m not a follower of  others  But sadly to say I do sometimes believe in what I see and hear. Whether it has any social impact on me has yet to be determined. It could  the epitaph on my Tombstone that states, ” Maybe he was right” I was raised in a different time and Society of respect for others and of my self. If I did something wrong, I was punished. Not violently, but punished, most of it applied to my ass, never to my face or anywhere else. Knowing what’s right from wrong is only a byproduct of your raising. Being taught what’s right from wrong will carry more weight in today’s society especially if you apply it to everyday life. If your parents didn’t give a shit about raising you, you will have inherited the same attitude and surprisingly , your children will be the same way. But if you were taught respect, and you admonished it, you will have  pass it on to your kids through a channel called  tough love and you’ll be respected for your  beliefs, and your outpouring of Love to your children and from others that instow the same philosophy in their lives..There is an unwritten code on human behavior and what respect is warranted from ones life from the time you step out of the crib to adulthood. If you’re not taught respect, then forget it! You’ll never receive any. as with so many things in life, you have to reciprocate. Offering one love, will get you love back. Giving respect to someone will insure that respect will be shown you. in demanding discipline from your children will assure that you’ll receive respect from them, especially later on in life, and for some reason, that’s when it usually appears. It’s strange, How you raise and discipline your children doesn’t show up in there lives till they have children of their own and that smirky little smile comes forward from your mouth, Yes, They learned!

Never make someone or something a  Priority when all you are to them is an option. Displaying your priorities shows others how they should perceive you in general. an opinion is formed from actions and behavior. Just make sure it’s the right one you want to be seen as.


Glen W. Haase


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