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How can these writers just go and kill off my Hero! What is there thinking. I know, another old persons story, but this is important! To me! To the American way! Archie Andrews was my Mentor, my whole childhood revolved around his adventures with Characters the likes of Jughead, Ronnie, Betty and Veronica. There was no Television, No Reality Programs, Just printed matter.

     Lets go back. Archie came on the scene around 1938 or so and became a hit with teenage kids everywhere. With me it was about 1945/46 when I first began reading, maybe sooner in just looking at the color print in my Brothers and Sisters Comic Books. Comic Books! Thats how a lot of us learned about what other kids were reading about, how others dealt with social problems and so it was with Archie. Every teenager goes through a period of adjustment with there friends ,Family and Parents. I was getting a head start on these problems as I was only about 6 or 7 but I saw it happening with my Brother and Sister who were older and in those Teenager years. I read Archie Comic books till I was in my Early Teens and probably put them down about when I started High School. Not that I knew how to present myself to others or deal with situations concerning interactions between others, but it wasn’t really Cool to be seen reading Comic Books while in high School. I always pictured myself as an Archie and like I said earlier, I used his thinking in a lot of situations that I found myself in. As I meet other Teenagers, I could see in them other Archies or Ronnies and even a few Jugheads. The Girls could always be broken down into either Betty’s or Veronica’s. I liked the Betty’s but shied away from the Veronica’s even though I did look and Fantasized about them once in a while.

       But this deal about killing off Archie has me concerned. Now as an Adult, a much older Adult, Archie and his friends are just a memory for me of my youth and my time in my Teenage years.His ploys and adventures are of no concern to me now, as I haven’t picked up an Archie Comic Book in over 60 years.

Is it wise to abruptly terminate a hero? What are we telling our Memories? Stop remembering. I know the thoughts and Memories will still continue to be in our mind but now we’ll know that they can;t go on for others who might enjoy making some of there own. Maybe this a drama that’s put into every story and every play and Movie and I understand that this is Entertainment, it’s the crowning point in the story that has us cheering for the Hero even though he or she is going die, like Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid, Thelma and Louise, Saving Private Ryan. Then the ones that hit us right out of the Blue like “Who shot J.R.”? The final episode of “Mash”. All of these elements of Entertainment in our lives were never meant to be a guide into living our lives, but Archie was a guide. A Guide for a whole civilization of young Boys and Girls to read about and to see how others solve the many complex situations of growing up. 

Save Archie!



Ah, here’s another old persons story. Sorry, But I see all that was part of my life and of this country slowly die and disappear from being once a necessity and part of everyday ritual to a forgotten way of life.

There wasn’t a day in my youth that I can remember my Mom or Dad going down to the Sears Store or the Montgomery Catalog Store and ordering or buying an item for the House or for themselves. Saturdays was set aside to do these things. During the week, you browsed thru the Catalog to find what you needed, and at Christmas time, the Christmas Toy catalog from Sears or Montgomery Wards and even J.C. Penney’s was a exciting way to spend a few Hours, making up wish lists. Dog eared pages, lists conveniently left as bookmarks on special pages.

Now I read that Sears is closing their Flagship store on State St.in Chicago. I’ve heard and read that their in Financial trouble as is a whole bunch of older Chain Stores. I don’t know if it’s that they have gotten so big that they can’t compete with the pace of today’s Markets, or that they have gotten top heavy with executive salaries and wages and can’t buy like the thin markets such as Amazon and e-Bay, I don’t know. I do know that there is probably going to be more that sercumb to modern buying trends.

Stores like Mayfair, The Fair, Goldblatt’s, Wiebolts, Montgomery Wards, Marshall Fields, Circuit City, and now Sears and soon to be J.C. Penneys have all had their Heyday, not to mention all the Restaurants chains that are closing.  The Ma and Pa Corner grocery store that got pushed out because of the new larger grocery stores opening up, and now they’re closing up because of much larger food conglomerates be developed. Purchasing Trends and the ease of shopping from your Computer have all hurt those who didn’t adjust, It’s just a shame that things sometimes have to change, and change is the key word!  Dorothy  said it, “My, people come and go so quickly around here”. If you can’t adapt, your out. I wonder what the future holds in store for us.

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