138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


Smoky Mountain Trip 109-L

There is a lot not to like about getting old. Disappointment is probably the hardest to adjust to. Not being able to enjoy the foods you use to pig out on, the diminished capacity you have when out drinking with friends, Happy Hour becoming Nap Time, and  having to settle for good friends instead of lovers. Holding hands instead of a rendezvouses. But getting old does have some rewards. The mind never gets old nor does it ever stop filling your head with excitement and Desires from the past, present and even the future. Since I’ve had my Heart Attack Kay has kept her eagle eye on my health. If it’s too cold outside, I can’t go out with out covering up my mouth and nose. Cold air makes your blood vessels shrink. Kay observes my clothing habits and she makes me dress I think some times to warm for conditions. I cannot shovel snow nor sweep stairs and sidewalks.  I can use the Snowblower, but only for limited times. It does pull you and sometimes too fast for my walking speed. So, I just let Kay do it and stand by and observe and occasionally offer my critic. I do get disappointed in not being able to do things that I took for granted, Washing the car, waxing the car and lately, not being comfortable driving at night. I love cooking and baking bread trying new recipes  preparing meals for us and for guests, But having to adjust recipes because of changing eating restrictions or tolerances has taken all the fun out of cooking. Luckily we can still enjoy the breads that I bake. So I have adjusted my life, Modified my life, and I will exemplify my life with those things that I can do now.


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