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Everything Happens for a Reason


My thoughts on Hollywood and it inhabitants. As Mom and I sat there and watched the Golden Globe Awards being dished out we both came to the conclusion that as beautiful and Handsome the recipients were, none possessed an intelligent ability to speak or convey a simple Thank You or express their feelings to their constituents. Our thoughts kept going back to Dennis Rodman and his elegant conversation with Chris Como and how much these Hollywood Celebrities must have attended the same diction classes that Dennis attended  ( if they indeed attended). The simple art of conversation is lost or for that matter being able to express ones feelings and gratitude to another without using four letter words.  Let’s face it. The Queens English is dead. But were lucky, It’s beauty and color is forever saved in the Film industries vaults and can be listened too and enjoyed in Movies from a time long past where the interaction between people was  literary genius and taught my generation and generations before me how to converse with other members of the Human Race. These are my thoughts and I could be wrong.


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