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Everything Happens for a Reason


My Girls are celebrating their Birthdays this Month and their entering the best time of their lives right now. I remember my self going into my 40’s and at the time I thought I’m really getting old, but it turn out to be the most exciting time in my life and I ended up enjoying my 40’s. I really felt like an Adult, I had mature Ideas I did Mature things I drove a Mature car and I dressed like a person my age should dress. My Family lived the good life with multiple cars, we sold our old house and bought a large modern house, purchased a Sailboat, Sailed the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico  every Winter for several years, We did Vacations two or three times a year,  The Girls went to the best Colleges, Obtained their Masters. Our income surpassed are spending habits and we owned stocks in all the best companies. It all started to happen when we got into our 40’s so you ask “why are you so sad”?  I’m 30 years ahead of them and I know my days are limited and I want to be here when they get to be my age so they, as I am doing now, look back and see on how great it has been. For their doing all the right things.

When I was in my 20’s I thought I’d never survive Vietnam. It’s very nerve racking when someone is shooting at you, I mean I enjoyed adventure and I was scared but I also had that thin red Line and I guess that got me thru the service and back home again.

The 30’s were hard! Remodeling an old house we bought so we could raise kids in it. Making an old car last a few more years. Our repair and remodeling expenses exceeded our Income, raising two girls and sending them to a Catholic School was costly but that’s what we wanted to do. Somehow it all worked out and “We did it”.

I believe in having a good education, It will get you a good paying job and wanting to succeed drives a person to better themselves and also to drive there children to succeed.  having discipline in raising children and on ones endeavors will eliminate errors and assure successes and also one important thing, having two people who share the same philosophy on the direction of their lives and of their children is a must. two opposing views won’t work for a relationship nor in the raising of a family.

My advice,  Live a good life, Laugh at your errors , Love all that come into your life but also, take the time and the responsibility to make it all work.


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