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Everything Happens for a Reason


I believe it’s the best of relationships, Kay and I share a house that the two of us have put a lot of money into to make it a loving  Home for two old retired people. We each have are own Bedroom  and respect each others rights. I put in all new Electrical, Plumbing and a Heating system to keep us cozy and warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer. Kay has decorated the house in a Country Motif, We don’t buy each other gifts at the Holidays as we have almost every thing we need, so we give to charities in and around Toledo and to our Church. Well, last year after visiting my Daughter in Chicago at Thanksgiving, Kay fell in love with my Daughters iPad. Kay kept saying ” I got to get me one of these”. So I broke our tradition at Christmas and I bought Kay an iPad.

Neither Kay nor I are savvy when it comes to electronics and getting this iPad to work was impossible. So we had to Skype my Daughter on my Computer and have her walk Kay through starting and using this device. we did get it working and made arrangements for my Daughter to come out in February and spend the weekend teaching Kay and myself the fundamentals of using an iPad.  After getting the Password and Username crap out-of-the-way Kay started to become a wiz at using her iPad. Well, my Daughter started Kay on this game,”Words with Friends” and Kay has been hooked now for almost a year and even though it’s called Words with friends, it’s basically a Scrabble Game on the iPad. Now there’s apps. that you can get that will help you find words and the correct spelling for them, but Kay is determined to do it the old fashion way using a Dictionary that 25 years old in the drawer alongside her Couch Potato Chair. Yes! Potato Chair. That’s where Kay resides lately. She spends about 8 Hours a day pushing letters around the screen of her iPad hoping to make a word that’s not rejected by the Game Guru and asking me how to spell ridiculous words that I ‘ve never used in my life nor would I ever. I like to keep my conversations simple and uncomplicated. hey, but listen, Kay’s having fun, she’s increasing her vocabulary and from playing with lots other players has befriended several nice people from all over the Country. I just wish she would recognize my existence now and then.

Kay and iPad


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