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Everything Happens for a Reason


We arrived at this dimly lite section of the Hospital with double swinging doors that looked battered and worn. As we entered my first impression was one of something from a Science Fiction Movie set. From my view point which was mostly up, I could see Television Monitors hanging everywhere along the walls were people looking at Television Screens and Monitors, and in the center of the room was this huge Monolith of steel beams supporting more Television screens which they rolled me under and immediately began to remove the Hospital Gown I was wearing. cute young Nurse placed a washcloth over my Privites and said,” I’ve covered you down there so that your not completely naked”. She began to violently remove any pubic hair I had down there with some sort of chemical, I guess Nair, and then dried me off which at the time I thought was a Burlap bag. Ouch! While this was going on, I was going thru the 20 Question thing again thinking how much time would be saved if the different departments in this Hospital would share Patient information rather than keep asking them the same old Shit every time they are moved from one area to another. If anyone has ever gone thru the procedure for Catheterization or read how it’s done I can tell you it’s painless and fairly quick. The insertion of the dye , the reading of the results on the screen ( which is your Heart and Blood Vessels) gives the Doctors a good idea what sort of blockage their dealing with and where to set the stint in your vessel. Unfortunately or luckily, I didn’t need a stint as the blockage was completely removed thru medication administered back at the Fremont Hospital and during the flight here. I was taped back up were the Dye was administered and sent back to my room. Everything went good and Tim and Alisa headed back home to Chicago and Kay went home for the night. It was a long day. During that night the Nurse would come in every 1/2 Hour to check my Bandage. She said if things look good tomorrow they would transfer me to a step-down room where I could have quieter room and be able to get up and walk around and have regular meals.

The Step-Down room was just like an ordinary Hospital Room full of amenities like a Television, Bathroom and a comfortable bed. Meals brought to you three times a day, not very tasty but palatable. I was now on a Heart Healthy Diet. No Salt, and low Fat. They may as well as put me on a Bread and Water Diet, food with out some Fat and salt was not fit to be consumed, but that was then, now 4 Months later, I have adjusted my eating habits and have found I can survive with out salt and low fat foods are now part of my diet. After taking several walks around the Nurses station and down the hallways I got my strength back and my blood work came back from the lab good and blood pressure was staying steady with the help of new Medication. On Sunday the head Doctor in the Cardiac rehabilitation  wing came in and told me I could go home. Give the Nurses a few hours to get the paper work done and a new list of Medications that I’ll have to be taking now for the rest of my life. About 4 hours he said. I called Kay and told her and she said she’ll be right there.  I’ve been there since late  Wednesday afternoon and was really looking forward to going home and be in my own house. I never want to go thru that again, and have made a really concerted effort to set myself on a strict diet of low salt and low fat and the several blood tests I’ve had have shown my Cholesterol and Triglycerides to be at good levels and a lowering of my blood pressure and Cardiac Rehabilitation and exercise three times a week has given me renewed strength and ambition.I never was a person who abused his health, I ate conservatively and in moderation. Like the Doctor said, it took 72 years of fats that you’ve eaten to finally create a blockage in your heart. so from now on eat health. and we’ll not see you here again.

Aye, Aye Captain!


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  1. I don’t want you to ever go through that again either!

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