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Everything Happens for a Reason

Boy, I’m glad thats over!

I can think of several reasons not to remember events that took place in 2013. It was not a very good year to live thru let alone put on ones best remembered years, but for the first half of the year, it was I guess normal. I’ve yet to have anyone truly describe or identify what normal is, so I’ll say it was uneventful.

As I look back on August 22, 2013 I can say It started out as OK. I can’t remember it being any different from any other day other than having a Heart Attack. I woke up from my afternoon nap about 3:00PM, I some time take a 40 minute nap in the afternoon, Hell, I’m 72 years old, I can do that, plus it make me feel better after wards, anyway, I woke up with the strangest feeling in my chest, like I had a cement block lying on me. It was not painful, but different. I went out side and sat down on our park bench we have in the side yard, the sensation was still there but now I could feel a little pain associated with it. I got up and walk around to the back of the house were Kay was working on the back garden. I said,” Mom, I don’t feel good. I think I might be having a Heart Attack”. “Get in the car, I’ll be right back with some Aspirin”. She yelled. With-in a few minutes we were heading down the street toward the Hospital which is about two miles from our House.   As we pulled into the Emergency driveway Kay said “Get out and go in and tell them you’re having chest pains. I’ll park the Van and be right in”. Living in a small town one gets to know a lot of people just on a daily visual base, well, the Nurse on duty at the desk that afternoon was our neighbor down the street from us, “Hi Glen, how you doing?” I told her I was having Chest Pains and before I could let the words leave my mouth, she had me on a cart wheeling me down the hallway toward a room where several other nurses were gathering and awaiting my arrival. I mean they were pulling off my shirt, removing my shoes placing sensors on my chest and putting a stint on my wrist and placing a Nitro pill in my mouth. I’d say within a minute of arriving there I was hooked up to a Monitor and was being broadcast all over the ER and later learned my vitals were being transmitted all the way to Toledo thru Promedica and North West Ohio Cardiac Specialists. I was asked how I would describe the chest pain I was having as 1 thru 10 as 10 being the worst. I responded as saying it was a 4. Several nurses came in the room and check out my vitals which now are being televised on big screen TV alongside me. The On duty Cardiac Dr. talked to me and barked out some orders to the Nurses who later returned with a basket of vials which they proceeded to feed into my Intravenous tube attached to my left wrist. Kay arrived from parking the Van. She sort of took every thing in stride as the Dr. and Nurses worked around me.

From then on things sort-of settle down. No more pressure, no more pain. The two nurses kept bring in forms for me sign, asking questions on my past Medical history all the way back to when I had my Tonsils removed when I was Five years old, they were surprised when I remembered the Hospital I had them removed at. Swedish Covenant Hospital on Touey and California Avenues in Chicago. It had been two hours since I was brought in to the ER and it looked like they were going to send me home as things were quiet. Then it hit!!!!!  I went from pain level 0 on the 1 thru 10 scale to a 12! Alarms went off. the Dr. came running into the room. Mr. Haase, Your having a Heart Attack! I was rushed from the ER room I was in to the Cardiac Treatment Facility Room. I had a second stint put in my other wrist, I was given several Nitro pills, I was administered Morphine along with a whole bunch of shots injected into my I V,s and a about 5 large vills of a Clot Busting Medication, then the Doctor who was with me was talking to someone thru his headset and Microphone said “We’ll have him there with in the Half-Hour. Mr. Haase, Were sending you to Toledo Hospital right away. The Helicopter will be here in 5 Minutes.

Next:  The $17,000 Helicopter Ride


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