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Everything Happens for a Reason


Not too much has happened since we spoke but here is a synopsis of events that has taken place.  Since the storm Kay and i have kept ourselves quite busy with a trip down to Brian and Sam’s where we both acquired colds from the kids that layed us up for several weeks after we got back. Then the first week in August they drove up to Traverse City Michigan and dropped of Boggie, their Dog which we watched for the week that they were gone. Molly was happy to have her playmate visit her. We took them to our Reservoir to swim one day and a long walk in the Park on another. Never seen two dogs get along so well together. On their way back home, Brian and Sam stayed a day with us and kay got to play with Sophie and max and they got to see where Grandma lives. When they left here Boggie cried. She enjoyed being here with us and molly.

Boggie and MollyMax

Max  2Sophie 1

Max 1At Grandma's

In between Kay and I worked around the House cleaning up the Gardens and Power washing the House and garage, cleaning screens, windows and the deck out back.  Our pastor at Church retired and moved out of the parsonage. We don’t know what the District is going to do with the House. There talking about selling it or renting it out. But in either case Kay and I have been putting in a lot work as well as a few other Church Ladies cleaning up the place, washing Draperies and re-hanging them. I’ve been repairing windows and screens and rebuilding the back door threshold and tuck pointing the Church’s foundation as well as the parsonage’s.  I’ve even started replacing all the window screens in the Church. Where am I getting all this energy?

We started Canning Vegetables for the upcoming Winter also. We did Fifteen pounds of Green beans and today we did 84 Ears of Corn. We now have two years of Corn and Green beans. Our Rhubarb has been coming in good and Kay made about 24 Jars of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, and their still coming for Rhubarb pies. Beets are almost ready to pick and cook, Tomatoes and Peppers are late this year, I think it’s the rain. As is the case for a lot of us midwesterners, the cooler and wetter summer has slowed down a lot of gardens. We have two Bushels of Tomatoes on order from our local farmer as a well as a combined Bushel of Red, Green and yellow Peppers. Onions are available in the stores. Our plan is to Can about 24 Quarts of Tomato Sauce and several quarts of whole tomatoes. Apples are about a month away and Kay wants to make 24 Quarts of Applesauce and several Apple Pies. We do eat good over the Winter. Bought and Froze 36 Chicken Thighs for soup broth  and 4 nice large Chuck Roasts for stew and beef Soup.

Kay still takes here Kayak out for a paddle now and then and Molly goes swimming. Yesterday we went to New haven Indiana for the open house for the Ft. Wayne Railroad Historical Society and to see # 765. We took our good neighbors Matt and Mindy’s Nephew along to see the trains and to climb aboard 765. Took a train ride and toured some old passenger cars. All in all, it was a good day.


     Enjoying the Weather and using the Hot Tub a lot lately with the cool evenings. Were healthy and get around pretty good for some old people.  I’ll try not to wait so long before my next entry on the blog, but if we stay as busy as we have been, I won’t promise.



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