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Everything Happens for a Reason


The “WHO” wrote a song about my Generation some years back in which they state ” I hope I die before I get old”. Well, I’m there, and I certainly hope I don’t die. I’m having too much fun watching this current generation  destroy them selves.  Haa Haa Haa! I know they won’t, but it’s interesting on how hard they try. I use to be some what critical of my Parents for the comments they would make about the Music I use to like in the 50’s, and how “Rock and Roll” music was Blasphemous and the dancing was a Devils design. Well thats long gone and the  repercussions of that time never really amounted to anything., as I’m sure this current generation will experience the same thing. Now I realize why my parents were so disturbed by what they were seeing and hearing for now I’m in their shoes .  I do see an alarming  amount of disrespect among the young adults toward others and their parents, an alarming number of young people who shun Religion and refuse to attend Church even though they were brought up to accept God, no matter what denomination especially in this country. In Europe, Asia, and even in the turbulent  Middle-East, God of one form or another plays a big part in young peoples lives.

This World is going to experience  another World War, possible a Holy War very soon. They say for one who forgets the past, will relive it again ten fold, and this time, we may not come out on top. General Patton  said to his troops when they were sent to Belgium to fight the “Battle of the Bulge”, “Better get your Shit together men, All Hell is going to break loose.”



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