138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


Rather than going into hock, or worse yet sell off our first born, we decided to stay home this 4th. of July. Gas prices being what they are, forking out a large sum of money to repair our AC unit in the Van, Four new tires last Month, Oh yes, Second installment of Taxes this month, it’s becoming almost impossible to stay at the Poverty level. So, we figured that for us to have a nice quiet 4th. of July at home, we would take our last few dollars and splurge on a nice Meal. Corn on the Cob, Super Salad, and a slab of Ribs. Time came to cook the Ribs, it’s Raining, I shucked the corn, buttered it and wrap them in Tin Foil ready to go on the grill. Made a great Salad using Carol’s Super salad Dressing, Rubbed the Ribs, wrapped them in Tin Foil and ventured out into the elements Tongs in one hand and my trusty Umbrella in the other. Now I’ve been nursing the tank of gas in the Grill now for about two weeks, but figured I could get this meal done with before it ran out. Have any of you ever heard about Murphy’s law? His Laws don’t lie! The directions from Weber’s Grill Recipes  says to cook the Ribs for an hour on a medium heat turning now and then, but try not to puncture the Tin Foil wrapping. At approximately 45 Min. into the cooking, the Grill Burped and sighed a relief  as it consumed the last bit of Propane from the tank. Luckily I went and had our spare tank refilled yesterday so I was ready if the situation called for replacing the tank. It’s Raining! Hard! Time to call in the support team. KAY!!!!  As we both stood out there in the pouring rain, Kay holding the umbrella, me switching tanks, The Brush and the bottle of “Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce floating in the pan and the sound of Massive swear words being distorted by the ever pounding rain I got the new tank hooked up and turned on. The igniter won’t work! It’s wet from the rain, Kay run’s into the house to find our portable igniter, I’m left with the umbrella, wet, and really starting to think, Is this meal really necessary? Kay returns and I relight the grill. How much time was used changing tanks? I’ll say 20 Min. A meal that should have taken 1Hr. 20m Min. ended up taking 2 Hrs. In a scene from a Comedy Vaudeville Act, the two of us trying to get the meal into the house was hilarious! I loaded up the tray with the Ribs, Corn, the empty bottle of BBQ sauce, tongs, spatula, brush, hand over the umbrella duties to Kay, She held the screen door while I tried to do balancing act getting thru the door way with the Goodies! Oh by the way, did I tell you it was raining like Hell? We sat down to our meal, both of us wet from the rain, we cleaned our glasses, and said a little prayer and indulged in a 4th of July meal. After we finished, and were surveying the mess on the table waiting for the other to get up and start the clean up, we looked out the window and the Sun was starting to come out. I said, “4th. of July Kay” What? “4th. of July Kay”. “You mean Happy 4th. of July don’t you?” I’m not Happy! I said.

Forecast for the tonight…. Rain.!  No Fireworks.


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