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Wednesday, July 10, 2013. All day the Weatherman was telling us that the potential for severe storms were in our forecast and Kay and I kept an eye on the West by our house as storms for us come from this direction. 2:00 pm, weather radio started to go off warning of severe storms headed our way. First was for sever thunderstorms for our county, a few minutes later, flash floods a possibility. 2:30, alarms go off, Tornado watch for us, 3:00 getting very dark outside, weather radio go’s off warning us of Tornado Warnings, Severe Thunderstorms High Wind Warning. Local TV station breaks in with radar showing a huge Storm Cell headed our way with rotation just West of us, Village Sirens go off, Kay, Molly and I head for the Basement, one quick look outside, Black, Windy, Blowing rain. 3:30, the storm hits! Looking out our basement window we see trees flying by, huge branches crashing to the ground, sounds of wood snapping and unbelievable winds howling. We could only see a few feet from the window as everything one saw was horizontal in nature, Rain, leaves branches, lawn furniture, wires. The power went off.  By 4:00 it was over, I ventured out the back door to see the damage.

Like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz, to step out and see a completely different world, one not of Beauty but one of complete destruction around our house. Leaves and small branches all over the lawn and street. other neighbors started to emerge from their homes. Trees that stood tall on the parkway were now laying on the ground. Wires dangling from trees still standing, Sirens from emergency vehicles filled the air. Our neighbor across the street lost part of a huge stately tree that fell to the ground missing her car by a foot but crushing their fence. “Is everyone OK?” was the cry from people now venturing out to see the damage. People in cars trying to find their way home thru the maze of fallen trees and blocked roads, school buses full of kids trying to get to the local school where dozen of anxious parents waited who also had to find a way there. Kay started to direct traffic and School Busses toward the School. Everyone was trying to get home but there were no streets open, cars turning around while others tried to get thru only to be stopped by downed trees and wires then trying to turn around when there’s 8 cars behind them all playing follow the leader for a way home.

Storm Damage 2

It was a mess! Even though there are people who will drive thru fallen branches, over lawns and Parkways foregoing common sense and their own safety, there are those who help move tree’s off cars, houses, and fences of their neighbors and start cleaning up the debris. Reports of streets open and of the ones that are blocked help to get people around towards their home. Police came around asking if anyone injured and also said power was out all over Fremont. No traffic lights. Reports of major power lines down and the prospect of several days without power.  We have candles, flashlights, and an old percolator for making coffee. If we don’t open the freezer downstairs, it will hold for 72 hours. The freezer in the fridge if not opened, will stay cold for 36, hours. The fridge itself is good for 24, so tomorrow I’ll go buy some ice and we’ll transfer perishables to the portable coolers. The temperature outside is in the upper 60’s so sleeping shouldn’t be a problem and the outlook is for cool temps thru saturday.

Storm Damage 1

Local paper reports 74 mph winds (straight line) several tornado’s  nearby 1.25 inches rain, Village applied for clean-up Grant from State. Weeks to clean up debris. Village should have power restored by Monday. 7/15/2013. Electrical crews from Milwaukee, Rhode Island, and Michigan to arrive and help with clean up. Asplundh  to send 50 trucks to help in removal of trees from streets and power lines. AT&T said they could not restore phone lines till all power repairs are made, same for Cable. On Thursday Kay and I got on our Bike’s to check out the rest of the Village. Oh MY God, what damage! A lot of our parks with older trees were stripped of those trees. The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential  home and library  lost about 50 old,old oak trees. All of town was without power as were many gas stations and eateries. We both said how lucky we were not to have a loss of life amongst this damage. It was now becoming a wait and see as to when power would be restored. Rumors of Saturday, Sunday and even Monday before we’d get our power back. Friday morning I went and bought 3 bags of ice and we transferred food from the fridge to our coolers, things we needed like Milk, lunch meat , vegetables but leaving the freezer part closed. People were going out and buying Generators like crazy, the thought of loosing a freezer full of frozen food was scary and there were those who couldn’t live with out there TV. We did have my Government Cell Phone for communication and it helped find stores that were open and also to let relatives know we were alright, but that was limited to battery life and no way to charge it if it went dead.

Storm Damage 3                                                        Storm Damage 4

We got power back late Saturday night and proceeded to check out our freezer and the fridge freezer. Everything in the large freezer was ok. the fridge’s freezer had some thawing, but not to bad. It still had ice in the ice maker. We started to cook some of the food that had started to thaw, repackage it and now plan to have that as meals for the rest of the week.

Monday we got our phone service and internet back around 4:00 pm and I guess we’re back to normal. Tree’s are still down around town, our street is still blocked. Parkways are full of limbs, branches and tree debris. The, (village) say it will take weeks to clean up and to be patient.  Kay and I are OK!



The “WHO” wrote a song about my Generation some years back in which they state ” I hope I die before I get old”. Well, I’m there, and I certainly hope I don’t die. I’m having too much fun watching this current generation  destroy them selves.  Haa Haa Haa! I know they won’t, but it’s interesting on how hard they try. I use to be some what critical of my Parents for the comments they would make about the Music I use to like in the 50’s, and how “Rock and Roll” music was Blasphemous and the dancing was a Devils design. Well thats long gone and the  repercussions of that time never really amounted to anything., as I’m sure this current generation will experience the same thing. Now I realize why my parents were so disturbed by what they were seeing and hearing for now I’m in their shoes .  I do see an alarming  amount of disrespect among the young adults toward others and their parents, an alarming number of young people who shun Religion and refuse to attend Church even though they were brought up to accept God, no matter what denomination especially in this country. In Europe, Asia, and even in the turbulent  Middle-East, God of one form or another plays a big part in young peoples lives.

This World is going to experience  another World War, possible a Holy War very soon. They say for one who forgets the past, will relive it again ten fold, and this time, we may not come out on top. General Patton  said to his troops when they were sent to Belgium to fight the “Battle of the Bulge”, “Better get your Shit together men, All Hell is going to break loose.”



Rather than going into hock, or worse yet sell off our first born, we decided to stay home this 4th. of July. Gas prices being what they are, forking out a large sum of money to repair our AC unit in the Van, Four new tires last Month, Oh yes, Second installment of Taxes this month, it’s becoming almost impossible to stay at the Poverty level. So, we figured that for us to have a nice quiet 4th. of July at home, we would take our last few dollars and splurge on a nice Meal. Corn on the Cob, Super Salad, and a slab of Ribs. Time came to cook the Ribs, it’s Raining, I shucked the corn, buttered it and wrap them in Tin Foil ready to go on the grill. Made a great Salad using Carol’s Super salad Dressing, Rubbed the Ribs, wrapped them in Tin Foil and ventured out into the elements Tongs in one hand and my trusty Umbrella in the other. Now I’ve been nursing the tank of gas in the Grill now for about two weeks, but figured I could get this meal done with before it ran out. Have any of you ever heard about Murphy’s law? His Laws don’t lie! The directions from Weber’s Grill Recipes  says to cook the Ribs for an hour on a medium heat turning now and then, but try not to puncture the Tin Foil wrapping. At approximately 45 Min. into the cooking, the Grill Burped and sighed a relief  as it consumed the last bit of Propane from the tank. Luckily I went and had our spare tank refilled yesterday so I was ready if the situation called for replacing the tank. It’s Raining! Hard! Time to call in the support team. KAY!!!!  As we both stood out there in the pouring rain, Kay holding the umbrella, me switching tanks, The Brush and the bottle of “Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce floating in the pan and the sound of Massive swear words being distorted by the ever pounding rain I got the new tank hooked up and turned on. The igniter won’t work! It’s wet from the rain, Kay run’s into the house to find our portable igniter, I’m left with the umbrella, wet, and really starting to think, Is this meal really necessary? Kay returns and I relight the grill. How much time was used changing tanks? I’ll say 20 Min. A meal that should have taken 1Hr. 20m Min. ended up taking 2 Hrs. In a scene from a Comedy Vaudeville Act, the two of us trying to get the meal into the house was hilarious! I loaded up the tray with the Ribs, Corn, the empty bottle of BBQ sauce, tongs, spatula, brush, hand over the umbrella duties to Kay, She held the screen door while I tried to do balancing act getting thru the door way with the Goodies! Oh by the way, did I tell you it was raining like Hell? We sat down to our meal, both of us wet from the rain, we cleaned our glasses, and said a little prayer and indulged in a 4th of July meal. After we finished, and were surveying the mess on the table waiting for the other to get up and start the clean up, we looked out the window and the Sun was starting to come out. I said, “4th. of July Kay” What? “4th. of July Kay”. “You mean Happy 4th. of July don’t you?” I’m not Happy! I said.

Forecast for the tonight…. Rain.!  No Fireworks.


It’s been a long time since I sat in on a 5 year old’s Birthday party. Sophie, Kay’s Grand Daughter had a Birthday party at their House complete with a several slip and slide water apparatuses and a about 15 young girls and a few boys along with their Parents to celebrate her 5th. Birthday in a grand fashion. Kay and I were invited, even if we weren’t, we would have still shown up, just for the Birthday Cake and some Ice Cream. Let me explain!

We arrived on Friday afternoon amid torrential rains and Thunder Storms, and the forecast for the next few days was much of the same. The grass needs cutting, house needs cleaning, supplies needed to be bought, and several plastic pool items needed to be inflated, and the look on a 5 year old Girl who was starting to realize that her Birthday Party my not come-off as she and her mother have been planning for the last several weeks. The corners of her eyes were full of tears about ready to cascade down her cheeks each time the Weatherman would say that there’s about a 80% chance of rain all weekend. Mom and Dad had purchase this huge inflating water slide for the party and a chosen location to set it was decide on, but first, the Grass needed cutting, but Dad couldn’t cut the grass because it was raining, and the outlook was for more rain on Saturday. Mom had all the food and treats and grab bag gifts bought, the Cake was on order, the Balloons had been delivered, and all we could do was sit at the window and watch it rain, and rain it did!

Saturday. Forecast was for rain all day. The tears in the corner of Sophie’s eyes were ready to go over the dam. We spent the day cleaning up the house, cleaning out the Garage, and the patio decks. Kay and Sophie put together all the Party Favors, we set up the Ice Cone Machine and the Cotton Candy machine and made a few test runs of each one. Dad set up the Tractor to the Bush Hog and was ready a a moments notice to go out there and cut some grass. We played games, we colored books, we even baked some cookies to past the time, but alas, it continued to rain. Then on the 6:00 clock news, came the most exciting news we’ed heard all day, Sunday should be partly Sunny with only a 30% of Rain. A cheer went up in the house and a smile was on Sophie’s face. That night as Kay and I laid in bed we listened to the heavy rain pounding on the house and windows and prayed that it would end soon and that tomorrow would begin on a Sunny note.

I awoke at 6:30, my usual time to a strange brightness shining into our bedroom window. Sun I shouted, Sun!  I jumped from my bed and ran into Sophie’s bedroom, opened the blinds and said “The Suns Shining Sophie”  I think I’m the only one in our combined Families that wakes up with a Happy and Positive Mood! Fine, I said, I’m going to get up and enjoy this day. Phooey on the rest of you.  Washed my face, combed my hair( what little I got) got dressed and proceeded down stairs. Made a pot of Coffee, let the dogs out, walked around the house looking up at that beautiful blue sky. The grass was still wet, but given a couple of hours in this sunshine, it’ll dry in no time I said. Within an hour everyone was up and moving. Plans were being formatted  and it looks like Sophie will have her 5th Birthday Party after all. Plan was to have the Party from 3:00 to 5:00 and now it’s 11;00.  Brian fired up the Tractor and began cutting grass. Kay and I helped blow-up the few pool toys and ran the hose out to the back yard for the Slip and Slide. We set up tables and chairs, dragged the Grill around to the back and by 2:30 we had everything ready to go. I grabbed a chair and set myself up out of the way and began to take pictures of all the kids arriving and the look on there face when they saw the Slip and Slide. On went the Bathing Suits and the Party has officially  started. Birthday Parties are sure different from the ones we use to have when our kids were growing up, but I guess that’s a sign of the times.

The food was great, the treats superb  and the day it self was a winner for a 5 year old Girls Pool Party.


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