138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


There it was, an empty room in the Basement. A perfect place to build a model railroad. I basically knew what I wanted and what railroad I would model this layout to represent. After researching different catalogs for items needed to start, I came to the conclusion that this is going to be expensive. Holy Shit Batman, I mean really expensive! I thought putting the addition and up grading Utilities in the house was costly I was in for a huge expenditure just to build the table yet alone the cost of track, switches, and the Engine and cars, But this I wanted and Kay said to do it, but it was to be a Winter Time Project.

So after the Holidays and all the traveling was over, I started. It took me one whole Winter just to build the table after going over drawings I made and laying out how all the tracks where to be positioned and countless hours going over Model railroads on YouTube and how a table structure should be built. Spring brought closure to the Project, but on Rainy days I would read books on Wiring, landscaping and tweak out just how the Model railroad was going to look. I couldn’t wait till Winter set in on us again. Well, after 5 years I think it’s almost done (Always making small adjustments and modifications). Watch me build my Model railroad at—–Right Click.



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