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Everything Happens for a Reason


Another beautiful day here in Ohio!  Springs almost over and the weather so far has been great. Cool, weekly Showers Highs in the 70’s . But Summers just around the corner and their predicting Highs in the upper 80’s for the start.

Kay and I have been busy and our Lawn and Garden shows it.  The Flowers this year have been spectacular and a pleasure to look at. We planted several Trees around the house that will be ready to transplant down at Brians Pond later this Fall. We spent a week or so down at his house earlier this spring putting in about 500 feet of drainage tiles from the House down to the pond, Cut down lots of old dead trees and cut them into Firewood for next Winter.

IMG_2075                       IMG_2071


Still we find time to play and spend time with the grandKids. Once the Pond has proved itself and holds water,the spreading of BLack Dirt and landscaping will begin, Trees and Shrubbery will be next. We’ll be going down again in late June for Sophie’s 5Th. Birthday celebration  and possibly spend time helping around the House some more.

IMG_2073                    IMG_2086


Went into Chicago a couple of weeks ago for my Sisters 85Th. Birthday, She looks good. When i say Chicago, They live in Huntley Illinois and one of my Daughter lives in Winfield Illinois and thats where we stay when we visit Chicago. Read previous Blog. I’ll write again when something exciting happens, other than  that, it’s Summertime!



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