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Everything Happens for a Reason


My Sister bless her Heart, turned 85 today. We celebrated her Birthday yesterday. It was a Surprise Party for her at her house in Hinkley Il.

That was something I wouldn’t miss for the world.  We knew it would not only be a Birthday Party but also a Family Reunion. I haven’t seen some of my Nephews and nieces for a very long time being were all scattered around and like me, a few States away. Good to catch up on what everyone’s been doing and meeting new members to the Family thru  Marriage and Births.

When I was a young boy, our Family would have every Summer a Family get-together at one of my Aunts Farm in Round Lake Il. (This was in the 40’s) and Round Lake was a fair distance from the city of Chicago and really in the Country. Today it’s a Suburb of Chicago and quickly accessible from anywhere in Chicago. It’s not in the Country anymore. (Urban Sprawl) Everyone would bring a dish and we all sat around a huge table out under an old Oak Tree. The older ones would  sit and talk the day away, We would play Baseball,  and check out the Barn and the different Animals on the Farm. But the best part was the Food and abundant Soda Pops that were down in the old stone-walled basement of the Farm house where  it was always cold. There was no Coke or Pepsi, it was Strawberry Soda, Grape Soda, Root Beer.  Being a City Boy, being on a Farm for the day was always exciting and an adventure for me.

Family get-togethers are becoming a lost tradition nowadays, Why? I don’t know. I think Communication has a large part in it as keeping up with going on in the Families now is just a call away on your Cell Phone.  A day out in the Country and a gathering of Family around a  huge table of food and communicating face to face with Aunts and Uncles, Grandma’s and  Grampa’s, Nephews and Nieces is a good thing and should be brought back again into our Society and to help strengthen the Family units. Lets do it, But please, leave your cell phone back at house.


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