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Everything Happens for a Reason


My Sister set up a room for me in their basement to live while I got myself acclimated to Civilian Life again.  My Mom had a nice room their also. I retrieved my car   from the storage garage that they had stored it in, and made arrangements to see my old employer again. Frank belles was no longer a Plumbing and Heating contractor in a store front building in Berwyn Il. but now a very large contractor with a Michigan Ave. address in Chicago. It was Bellis-Hanley now and Stan Bellis was pleased to see me again. First thing he said when I saw him again after 4 years was,” Ready to go back to work again?” “Yes Sir” I replied.

Bellis-Hanley had several Multi Million contracts/Jobs going all over the Chicagoland region. At lunch we talked about old workers and where there at now and his plans for the company and If I would be willing to be a part of Belli-Hanley. He wanted to start-up a Refrigeration Service Dept. and new I had some refrigeration Service behind me from my earlier times with the company. I said I would like to try that and would almost do anything for him after the glowing resume he sent the Navy when I first joined. ( I finally got to read that letter when I turned in my Service Jacket at separation).

Stan said he would figure that he could have the Refrigeration Service Dept. up and operating in about a year and that would give me the opportunity to get some classes behind me in the new and upcoming Refrigeration Business, mean while I could start work tomorrow if I wanted at the new Standard Oil Building in Downtown Chicago.

Standard Oil Building 1971

Stan said the Building is only about 4 stories up at the moment and not quite ready to employ several dozen Pipefitters but maybe by March of next year. This is November. I told him I have about 60 days leave coming and was planning on not going back to work till after the first of the year.  He said “call me after the Holidays” and I’ll put you back to work, but in the mean time get some refrigeration Classes behind you and send him the bill for the schooling. I agreed.

I spent the Winter going to schools and taking corespondent courses and learning what there is to know in the up and coming refrigeration business. I kept in touch with Stan Bellis and told him about all the new tools and equipment he would have to have and asked him if he wanted to be in the large Building type service or the small door to door service business. Stan replied “Both”.

I spent a nice Winter schooling myself and going out and visiting old places, but as they say, “You can’t go back”. I looked into getting myself an apartment near by and found one right in the town of Fairview, Downers grove. I had accumulated about $1000.00 in savings and all the money I had sent home to my mom, she had saved also and she returned it to me saying that as long as she lived with Margie, and had a job, she didn’t need it. So one day I went Downtown to Chicago and walked into John M. Smyth, the Furniture Store and started looking at Furniture. A Salesperson approached me and asked if I needed help. I told him “yes” I told him i was recently separated from the service and had just rented a beautiful Apartment in Downers grove and I needed Furniture for it. He then asked what style of Furniture I wanted and I told him I wanted it to look like an Old English Home. I like a busy room full of pictures and color. He said he was an interior Decorator for John M. Smyth and worked out of the Oakbrook Store and would like to set up my apartment to my liking  I signed an agreement and got my self a line of credit although I said I would pay cash. He would come out to the Apartment on Friday and in the meantime, If I saw anything I liked, to tell him and he would put it on hold. His name was John, and he was about as queer as a Three Dollar Bill. It never bothered me and he did a wonderful job of setting up my Apartment just to my liking.

The next day or so I think, I stopped in to the IGA in Fairview for some groceries when I saw this girl. We both looked at each other and knew that we knew one another. “Glen”  she said, “I’m Bill Stocks Sister, Carol.”  God, I’ve haven’t seen her since she was about 16.  Ten years or so ago, We made plans to get us all together at a Restaurant and spend the time getting re-acquainted again.

To make along story short, we dated and eventually ended up getting Married a year later. We had two Beautiful daughters and they’ve grown up to be wonderful Women, giving us two Grand children. This story and it’s continuation can now  be told by others of my life to date.

This Blog  has been fun and the going back and trying to remember dates and events has been challenging to say the least, Please don’t hold them to me as being accurate as my memory is not as good as it used to be. I didn’t tell everything that took place as I thought it was Superfluous , Boring, and not relevant to the story. There is not a whole lot that I would have change to date, Well, maybe a few. I’m a Happy Camper with life as it has evolved and approaching 73 years of age, I’ve sure enjoyed the adventure so far and looking forward to the next one!



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