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Everything Happens for a Reason


It was late September and my tour of duty was to end on the 23d of October. I was in a way going to miss this place and the friends I had made. Lt. Malera already told me to sit back and let my replacement do the work, Go hang out at the Acy-Ducy Club he said. Come muster in in the mornings and then take off, go take pictures. I was a Short-Timer and nobody wanted me. On October 1st. I received my packet with all the information I need to do and who I had to see before any transit papers could be issued. The Navy gave you about one to two days to do each thing and for the most part I could have this all done in 2 Hours.  There was Medical check-out, Disbursement (payroll) Records, and a host of other things I had to do but can’t remember them now. Anyway, I received my Transfer orders on the 16th. of October and my flight out and back to the States was scheduled for the 20th.  Lt. Malera got a going away party for me and the other 7 Seabees that came over with us at China beach the last Sunday before I left. We had a cook-out with real Hamburgers and Cold Beer. There was a lot back slapin and hand shaking and all in all, a good time. I ended up cooking the Hamburgers on the Grill, everyone else was more interested in drinking the Beer.

Grill time

For more pictures of my tour in Vietnam follow this link:http://kay-glen.smugmug.com/Other/My-In-Country-Time-1964-1968


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