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Everything Happens for a Reason


When we landed in perth Australia I was so ready to see this country. As we were walking down the Gateway to the tarmac I notice all these Beautiful Girls standing in line along the route to the terminal. “Grab yourself a Women one guy shouted” “They’re here for your taking while in Perth”.  That’s not the main reason I came to Australia I said, but a cute brunette caught my eye and as I walk by her I stopped and ask,” You know your away around perth do you? I sure do Sailor, she replied, Then lets go!  We were booked at the Pacific Rim Hotel in Downtown perth and a beautiful place it was. My room was on the 10th floor and I could see the Indian Ocean from my window. her name was Diane and she came up to my room as I checked in and changed to Civilian Clothes. I told her that while I’m here I want to see everything that there is to see and I asked her what kind of arrangements we should have and I would be respectful and courteous to her while she was with me. Dinners would be on me. Diane informed me that $100.00 is usual for a weeks worth of companionship, which I thought was fair, But first, I had to go and buy some warm clothes. It was cold there, well not to the natives, but coming from a place where the average temp. was in the upper 90’s, Perths daily temp. was 65, but sunny, and I was cold.

Well, lets get on with seeing Australia. The next day we rented a car and I allowed her to drive as the steering wheel was on the wrong side for me. We stopped at her apt. for some clothes and then off we went.  She did know her way around Perth and all the trendy places to go and eat and drink. The beaches were Beautiful, White with plenty of Surfers and Swimmers, Food was different but good and I opted for Coke rather than Beer for meals. The Swan River is a wide River that runs thru Perth and plenty of places to rent a boat and see the city from the river. There’s a Desert outside of Perth about a hours drive from the city, full of different rock formations, colored sands.  The city is full of parks, gardens and lots of Nightlife. My time in Perth Australia went fast and before you know-it, it was time to head back to the War.


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One thought on “DOWN UNDER

  1. I had no idea you got the Purple Heart for being shot? Mod you still have it? Also, I had no idea you went to Australia. That’s pretty cool!,,

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