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Everything Happens for a Reason


The dates that these next few items  has me lost as to where they fit into the time line of events in my Childhood. My Daughter can fill you in as she did a Family Genealogy History of our Family dating back to the 19 TH. Century. After the War things began to move quickly in my life, My Brother Quin  got Married to Elvira Klepitch I believe in 1945/46 and He moved out of the House on Campbell Ave. Soon after my Sister Married Stanley Cletcher 1946/47. I had the upstairs in the House to myself. I don’t remember much of the Weddings other than I remember my Mom all dressed out in a red dress and hat. I was a Ring bearer for my Brothers wedding and a cute little Girl was the Flower Bearer  I remember being all dressed out in a Tuxedo and after the wedding my brother and his new wife drove away from the Church in my Uncle Ed’s brand new red Oldsmobile convertible. My Sister wedding I remember being at the reception hall with all my Uncles and Aunts and relatives I had no idea who they were and I was the receiver of Kisses and Hugs from everyone.Ugh!  Margie (Sister) and Stan moved into an apartment off of Sheridan Rd. near Belmont Ave. and I remember staying there with them one night probably Months after they were married sleeping on the couch at night and hearing the Fog Horn from Belmont Harbor. Neat! never heard that before. And of course I had to stay a night at my Brothers Apartment on Sunnyside Ave. near Devon Ave. Which I remember yet as I got my self locked in the Bathroom one night and freak-out.

Several years later, 1954 or so My parents as did a lot of Chicago Families moved out to the new Suburbs of Chicago. My parents loved the  town of Downers Grove and became familiar with it as my Sister and Husband bought a house out there on  60. St. Well I guess they put the house on Campbell Ave. on the market and were surprised that within a week it was sold. So we moved to a Basement Apt. on Keystone Ave. In the Albany Park neighborhood till a location, Lot, and a House could be built in Downers Grove. I was pulled out of St. Benedict’s School and was enrolled at a school that I didn’t like. Gone were my friends at St. Benedict’s  gone was the house that I loved and the surroundings that were familiar to me. I did stay in touch with Douglas but now it was only on weekends. We were about 8 Miles apart. The school I went to for the remaining 7 Th. and 8 Th. Grades was called “Volta. That all I can remember, but I do remember that it was in a Jewish neighborhood and most of the kids there were Jewish. They got off from school for every God Blessed Holiday, and they had a lot, and I had to go to school on those days because I was not Jewish. I was not happy living there but I made the best of it by going on adventures on my Bicycle in a new area of Chicago and seeking out new areas to observe Trains. Douglas would ride out to see me and I would alternate by going back to my old neighborhood and visiting he and his parents.

As I look back on these events especially in  leaving St. Benedicts.  I was never to attend or serve in a Mass again till I was married and had children of my own who attended a Catholic School some twenty years later.  I did go into a Catholic Church once later when one of my Best friends asked me to be his best man at his Wedding  and I had to confirm that I was Catholic and attended Church regularly which I fibbed to. I can’t say it was a void in my life for I can’t remember, but I’m sure it had been.

In the ensuing years to come I did do a lot of praying  and always believed that I was in the protection of someone else.



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