138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


138 rue de bonheur

Steam 13I like the Rural life here in Ohio.  It gives me the opportunity to be a part of Country life. The Green Hills, the Streams, Watching Wildlife from our window.  I like the slower pace of life here, the warmer side of Society. Not having to compete with the Jones’s or having the newest Social Media device. I’ve lived for 73 years without a Cell Phone and I’m surviving quite well, without one, thank you! I talk to my Children and Grand kids via the Computer and our old fashioned Land Line Telephone. We still believe in  going to Church on Sundays, sitting around with other Church members before services discussing things that matter to a small community. We buy food items from local Farmers or the Amish community, we don’t care if the roads don’t get plowed right after it Snows or we lose our power after a bad storm, we enjoy our life here in Ohio, and we…

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