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I’ve started to build a Cache of stories as my Daughter Alisa and her Husband Tim are going to give me my Christmas gift when they come out next week. A new Computer for me to use, A different type of Computer than what I’ve been using so I’m stockpiling stories as a precaution till I learn how to use it.

I went to Coonley School for only a year as St. Benedict did not offer a Kindergarten class. I don’t really remember much of my first year in school as it probably wasn’t exciting as one might think. Kindergarden never really is, is it. Parochial school was a lot different than conventional school was, First there was the teachers, excuse  me, Nuns, and there was the discipline factor, and then the Religious point of view. I still had to walk to school, about the same distance only a different route. This time I had to cross two busy streets, Irving Park Boulevard and again Western Ave, No Crossing Guards as they weren’t afforded to parochial schools. It was OK as I had already learned that crossing busy streets was a no nonsense thing and also to cross with other people. There was no Candy stores along the route just a Tavern, Dinner and a lots of small businesses. A story about that Dinner in later Blob.  I remember the Nuns and the Priests at school and I remember that the school day started with prayers every Morning. We had desks which was new to me and all my books had to fit inside the desk under the top. Homework was a thing that I didn’t like as it took up too much of my free time back at home, although my Sister helped me with it. I still saw my friend Douglas on weekends and we would play and do things together as much as we could. One thing is we would ride our bikes all over the City to watch Trains  and save some of our allowance for riding the Elevated train system around the Chicago, doing the latter as we were older of course. It was about 3rd. grade that I became an Altar Boy. I must of done this on my own as I don’t remember being coerced into doing it. I do remember that I got out of morning prayers in the Classroom as I served at 8:00 Mass then changed my Garments and headed to Class about 9:00. I did this till we moved to Downers grove in 1955. It was fun and I did it 5 days a week and also on Sundays.

My Sister and I went to Parochial Schools, her at Queen of Angels and I at St. Benedict’s but I don’t remember my Brother going to either one. You know, I never asked him. I guess I’ll have to ask my Sister-in Law. I do remember him going to Lane Tech High School though. And here I thought I had assembled all the information before I started this Blog. If I find the answer, I’ll make an addendum to a future Blog, OK?

Again nothing stands out about going to grade school, I must have been average as I  was capable of having conversations with family and friends and really didn’t make an Ass of myself, well rarely. I could count, read, write, somewhat spell and I knew how to dress myself. It was assumed that by the time one entered Grade School, especially a Parochial School that one’s belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny was gone from your vocabulary and the real reason for those Holidays was driven into your mind, and so it was. Those were good times and good memories and the Holidays in our household were Happy Times. Having an older brother and Sister were fun and having them spoil me was just as much fun as one could have. Also having an Aunt and Uncle around gave me pleasure in knowing our Family was a good Family and get togethers were always great.

Next;  Family Fun and new Adventures



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