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December 2, 1940 brought forward a little Boy into this world. The place, Swedish Covenant Hospital corner of Foster Ave, and California Ave. in Chicago, Il. A flurry of  messages traveled back and forth from my Mom in the Hospital to my Brother and Sister and My Father at home as to what name I should carry around with me for the rest of my life. No decision could be reached a stalemate was inevitable. It was at this time my Mother saw an old flame she knew from back in High School days walked by the Maternity Ward. She immediately sent home the name of Glen and it was accepted by my Family, so, I was named after one of my Moms old Boyfriends.

I guess not much happened after that till I started School. As I said in a earlier Blog, one’s Memory is based on other things that happened on or around the specific item that was filed for future recall, (ex)  Smell, Sounds, Relatives, Family and events. I do have Memories of times prior to attending School and I’ve burned out a lot of Brain Cells trying to remember and placing these thoughts in some sort of a chronological order. Like, I remember moving out of my Parents room (Crib I guess) up to my Brothers bedroom after he joined the Armed forces back in 1943 (I would have been 3) and he had a Radio in his room that I would listen to every night before I fell asleep, mostly Big Band Music.  Being a mischievous  little boy and disrupting my Sisters Sleep-Overs by spilling a jar of Pickles on the Bed.(maybe 3 or 4). Remembering my Brother coming home after the War. I have spotty Memories of my Childhood up to this point and a few have been jogged by looking at old Photographs of that time and conversations with my Sister and Sister-In-Law.

I started my Education at John C. Coonley Elementary School on N. Leavitt and Bell Plain Aves. in Chicago. Of course it was Kinder Garden but the thing I remember the most was I had to Walk to and from School. I was alone, I was on a adventure trekking from my house on Campbell Ave. to the School on Bell Plain and Levitt  Aves. a  total of 8 City Blocks, and I had to cross Western Ave. which was very busy, but made safe by a Crossing Guard at Bell Plain and Western. As I became familiar with the route to and from School I began to notice other things that would appear in my life and leave indelible memories . One of these Memories was a Classmate in Kindergarten that walked home with me, at least to Western Ave, where he lived at. Douglas became my best friend and we would stay in touch till I went into the Navy. I wish I knew if he is still alive.  Also there were these Trains that traveled down Western Ave, and later found out that these were Streetcars which ran on tracks buried in the Bricks of the street and were connected to wires above them that would occasionally spark and crack. Fascination I recalled, and I vowed that I would ride on one of those .Another thing that caught my attention was that I Walked by a Candy Store. Wow! All I needed was some money. They had a lot of my favorites there and some that I never have seen before. They had a new thing there that was like a plastic dispenser and it would dispense these little hard candy squares called Pez. I surely have to get my Mom to allow me to buy one of these, which she did. They had Chocolate also, but in very limited quantities especially in the Summer as stores didn’t have Air Conditioning and things like Chocolate would melt on the shelves, even Chocolate Cookies. Eating or even worse, opening a package could be messy. I stuck with my Licorice and hard candies.

School, Friends, Church next;



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2 thoughts on “HERE I AM

  1. I never knew you were named after your mom’s old boyfriend! That’s pretty funny! I prefer Glen to Walter, but I have always liked your name Glen. Definitely old fashioned. Not too many kids named Glen now a days. As for your friend Douglas, if you can remember his last night, we could look on Ancestry.com when i come out. If he lived on Western, it should be too hard to search the records. Obviously he was your age so we can search based on a birth year of 1940. That would be cool if you could find him. Thanks for writing all this down pops! It will be a great memory piece to have for the rest of the family. Is Kay back yet? I can’t wait to come out and see you guys. I have a surprise for you!

  2. And no, i’m not pregnant. LOL!

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