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Everything Happens for a Reason

My Vise

The Storms so far this Winter have been missing us but Yesterday we got hit. 5 In.  of heavy wet Snow, then another 2 in. of Lake Effect Snow on top of that. We really can’t complain for as Winters go, we have had a very mild and Snow less one. The Crocus and Daffodils have been sticking there noses out of the ground and the trees are full of buds, and as soon as this Snow melts, we’ll have Spring Flowers abound. I’m waiting for some warmer weather to set in as I’m getting that craving for a good Cigar again, but it’s been too cold to go out behind the Wood Shed for a smoke.  One of the Ladies in Church Sunday came up behind me and gave me a Hug. “Oh Phooey” she said, “I thought you started smoking again”.  “I miss that smell”  Carl her late Husband use to smoke Cigars.  Some people like it, some don’t.  Kay hates the smell, but if a-good-cigarI stay at least 50 to 100 feet from her it’s tolerable. Ah, there’s nothing like a good Cigar!


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One thought on “My Vise

  1. Ya know…. it’s a vice. We all have them. My vice is sweets, but I wish it was vegetables. Don’t we all!!! HAHAHAHA!

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