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Everything Happens for a Reason


Steam 11   Just received an e-mail that they fired up #765 this morning. The Spring schedule has been released and Kay and I have noted when she’s coming thru here (Fremont Area). To see this Beast and to stand along side her gives one a chill, Weight(400 Tons), Top speed 70 MPH  Horsepower(3000) She carries 44,000 lbs of Coal and 25,000 gallons of water. Enough to take her 100 miles. She was Built in September of 1944, has been fitted with all the new and required instruments for safety and is ready to go till 2019 when she’ll have to be torn down and rebuilt per government regulations to haul Passengers.

#765 carries a GPS and can be followed by logging onto her website and a link to the GPS mapping page to see here travel thru the Midwest. We will, and getting a Photo-Shoot of her coming down the tracks is a collectors item.


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  1. That is so incredibly cool!!!! I hope someday I can see this large beast in action. But tell me, what is with the compliance by 2019? They have to take it apart?

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