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Everything Happens for a Reason


used-1952-hudson-hornet-2drcoupe-145-710511-2-400Tangible Desires, we all have them and some actually do happen, but to often they fade away with time, age and maturity. Every time I start a project I research what I’m going to need and then compare it with what I have, this is where the desire for that tool or type of wood working device is born. After going thru my books on tools and wood working devices my desire for that particular item is soon dismissed after mulling over the price and do I really need that. Maybe I can get  around buying that if I go about assembling  the final product a different way.

Every body has a desire to have the best or latest innovation of everything in life, be it a Television  Radio, Phone or cooking gadget. Me, It was a 1952 Hudson Hornet. I remember our Neighbor on Campbell Ave. in Chicago came home one Saturday Morning driving right up to the curb in front of his house with a brand new 1952 Hudson Hornet. WOW! It was Brown in color full of Chrome, White Wall Tires and was the slickest car I have ever seen. My Dad always bought low end Chevrolets, and to me this car was a Golden Chariot! After most of the Neighborhood had come out to see the car and view the inside ( It had a working Radio in the Dash and an Electric Clock)  Mr. Johnson began telling us about the car itself. It had a Twin Power Dual-Single Carburetor  On top of a Dual intake Manifold, Step Down Chassis, It had 145 Horsepower. Man, and Mr. Johnson paid $2850.00. I was impressed  The Hudson Hornet was the car to have if you were into stock car Racing and the Hudson Hornet was the King of the NASCAR Circuit. it held so many wins and record lap times. Yes sir, The Hudson Hornet was the car to have, and my Neighbor had one. I promised myself that when I got older and could drive a car was going to get me a Hudson Hornet.

Jump to 1956. I have my new drivers license and now I need a car. Alas, I’m only making $1.00 at the IGA in Downers Grove Il. I’m lucky if I get enough hours to clear $15.00 Gas is $.14 cents a gallon. I gave half to my Mom for expenses  that sure didn’t leave much for me to by a car with, and they stopped making Hudson, so I was left with driving my Dads old 1949 Chevrolet.

I saw a 1952 Hudson Hornet at a Car Show last year and even though the thrill and desire of having a car like that has gone, I did do a little drooling.used-1952-hudson-hornet-2drcoupe-145-710511-2-400


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