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Everything Happens for a Reason


       I think as one gets older they have a tendency to look back at them selves and try to determine if the life they have had up to this time  is what they had in mind when they were starting out. Where the choices made the right ones, the paths taken fulfilling. Were the obstacles overcome and most important, did you give you children the right tools to become members of Society and carry the Family ways into the next generation.

      We have all learned that we are a culmination of Genes that are past Family members have carried with them for centuries and are a part of our everyday existence. Behavior, Desires, Attitudes, and Family Diseases. How your parents dealt with these things in their lives was a Mirror of how their parents lived. How we behave and exist is a Mirror of how our Parents lived. This information was in the process of being transmitted to us when all of a sudden our generation was bombarded with Technical Advancements that put a stop to the way information was handed down thru Generation to generation. We were given choices, information, information at a faster pace than we could handle. Being Mobil, actually seeing news being made. We, as a generation had only one choice, We had to adapt. Mom and Dad didn’t have the answers Nobody had the answers,   being able to adapt made Millionaires out of people and also made others stick their head in the ground. Time was when a problem arose, Family’s would cluster together and work together to solve the problem, now there is no Family clusters as the elders don’t have an answer for today’s problems. The Family unit is no longer a Bonded unit, It’s a Society of individuals and answers are just a click away. The Information Highway is clogged with Adds that do the thinking for us. Lobbyist tell our Congress members how to vote, Add’s tell us how to vote, tell us how to eat, dress, socialize and tell us what’s right and wrong.

     If my Daughters were to come up to me with a question about life, I’d have to say, ” The information that I can give you is irrelevant to today’s standards and may not be socially correct”. I don’t know where you’ll find the answer or ever will. The only thing I can suggest is to use your “Common Sense  for it’s the only thing you have inherited from your Mom and I that can be handed down to you and in a way,Image give you a chance in todays world.


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