138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


 Well Kay and I took the day Friday off and got ourselves feeling better and Saturday we spent getting a Meal ready for a Church  Lenten potluck for Sunday Evening. All went well and we had a good turnout from the Local Churches in the district.

    We both love living in a small country community and don’t miss the rush and commotion of a large city. We’ve learned to live with the fact if you want something wether it’s food or dry goods, you are going to have to drive a ways to get it. We have a local grocery store near by but they don’t really carry a large selection of items, so our meals are never fancy. They carry local produce and local cuts of meat and there prices are just right for two old retired people. There is a Meat Market about 8 Miles from us that we love to get our meats from. It’s called “Hasselbacks” and they do all there own butchering so we know it’s always fresh cut meats and no preservatives

    Old time grocery stores and Butchers,  local banks and the people who run them make Country Living comfortable. Old people kind of shy away from changes and are quite happy with their lives. We have seen a lot of changes over our time so far and some we adjust to and some we kind of let go by. Kay and I go into Chicago a few times a year to see the Kids and grand-kids and really enjoy the New World but are always happy to get home to our two traffic light town. Seeing gasoline prices so high when we remember them being 14 or 17 cents a gallon. Seeing food prices so high, I guess that’s why we complain so much about life today, yet our Kids take it in stride. So much of the things we took for granted when we were growing up are now-a-days harmful to your health. But oh-well, we have made to here so far. IImagef we continue to live our ways as we have for so long, and now and then add a few of new discoveries in to our life style and continue to eat and drink only the good things that are good for us, we have a good chance of making it to the Finish Line.


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