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Everything Happens for a Reason


In having a conversation with Kays Brother Bill ? The subject matter of “Good Beer drinking Establishments” came up. Well, I began to bend his ear a little about Chicago and rambled on for a hour or so about life in the Windy City. First off, Ritzy, glittery, Fancy Glasses type of Bars are not my thing. My dad was a Professional Beer Drinker and his knowledge of fine taverns was unbelievable. Son, he’d say, A fine establishment to inter for a Beer should make you feel like you’ve entered Hell, bent on having a good time. Non of the Bar Stools should match, and the floor should be a patch work of different floor tiles, even some missing. I refuse to spend $4.50 on a Beer in a fancy place, when I can get the same beer down the street for $1.75 in a less than desirable establishment.

A good place to enter for a beer was down in Wrigleyville  Chicago. Catch the Cubs game enjoy a Maxwell street Sausage and of coarse, a cold beer. “Murphy’s: was the place. Home of the Bleacher Bums. It was a a great place to watch the Cubs play, cheaper than  buying a ticket at the Field plus you didn’t have to sit in the hot sun. Listening to Jack Brickhouse or Vince Lloyd made the game so much more interesting . And of course  listening to “Jim Moran the Courtesy Man” sell you a Hudson Hornet, or later, a Ford. Singing “Take me out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch was a good reason to have another.

Baseball isn’t as much fun to watch now, I guess my interests have changed or should I say my interest in watching Baseball now-a-days has changed. Too much wasted time by the players. teams, umpires taking “Time”. Time to scratch them selves, adjust their Gold Necklaces fiddle with their Diamond studded Earrings, oh, and yes, to Spit. Baseball use to be entertaining when I was younger, Players played for the enjoyment of the game, not the Millions they get now. And there’s no reason to play 162 games a year, 18 between Divisions. You get the feeling that it just goes on and on. I guess I need to be entertained more when watching a Baseball Game, Like real Bulls roaming the Outfield from the Bull Pen, Scantly clothed women carrying placards around the Infield tell what Inning were going into or whose up to Bat. Mob Dancing in the Bleachers, Players in the Dug-Out doing the “Harlem Shake” I remember as a kid going to a game and hearing the announcer introducing Nelly Fox on to the field as, ” At Short Stop, with Number 2 on the back of his shirt,”Nelly Fox”. The place would go up in Cheers for Nelly Fox, with Number 2 on the back of his shirt. During a rain delay and after the grounds crew had pulled out the tarp to cover the infield, puddles had formed around second base, and out onto the field while it was still raining went “Dizzy Dean” from the St. Louis Cardinals  carrying an old wooden box and a fishing pole, walked out to second base, sat down and began to fish in the puddles. Baseball is full of stories of it’s players and their devotion to entertaining us folks who would go out to the Ball Game, not only for the game, but to see the players themselves, and Oh Yes, Have a Cold Beer.  “Programs, get your programs, can’t tell the players without a program! Red Hots, Get yer red Hots! Cold Beer here!  “Hey” there’s no Bulls in that Pen!12


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