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Everything Happens for a Reason


  Einstein was right. We have all become a society of Idiots. Texting, typing, sending abbreviated messages with our thumbs using lower case letters. I always use to look forward to Christmas time when we would receive cards from all of our relatives and I could tell who they where from just by looking at the return address and by the style of cursive hand writing they used. Hell, I don’t think kids now-a-days know how to write in cursive. I heard that they don’t teach that in school anymore. My, what disaster for our society! I remember when I was in school,(St. Benedict’s) in Chicago, in grade school, They tought us Penmanship,  sentence structure and when to start a new paragraph, we had the Alphabet above the blackboard to see when we needed to see how a capitol G or M or a Z was written or a lower case letter was written. Every thing was written in Cursive. Lower case letters were only used if the form your were filling out said “Print Clearly”. Girls always had beautiful handwriting  I would gaze at a note given to me by a girl I had a crush on and admire how beautiful her hand writing was. I always let my Wife write and address our Christmas cards for my handwriting was terrible and was ashamed at how it looked. But guys never were into handwriting, we learned the basics and only used cursive when being held captive by gun point, or worse, having to write a check. I remember once many years back, I had my Truck Ziebarted which was the popular thing to do in the Midwest and it came time to write a check for the job. I stood there dumbfounded looking up at the wall behind the counter looking for the Alphabet so I could remember how to write a capitol Z. (This ties into yesterdays Blog). Anyway, This whole thing on us not knowing how to write a communication in longhand is a shame. Be it Cursive or lower case letters using correct punctuation, spelling (I use spell check) which is my punishment for sleeping during spelling class. A simple joy is reading a letter from a friend or relative, a Christmas card with a little note in it, or going back and re-reading the letters I sent my Mom while I was in the service.


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