138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


IMG_2056 I planned on working today on the railroad since the Weather people where telling us that we were in for a big Snowstorm. The Snowstorm never happened, (third time in a row) it turned out to be a Sunny day, but I was mentally prepared to crawl under the train table to the back reaches and finish off a Migrant workers shack.

Working on the Model railroad has been a pleasure for me in the Winter Months. During the year I look thru many Train magazines, books, and websites for just the right item to add to my Railroad scene. Once I found what I’m looking for I try and find a available Model to build. Sometimes there’s nothing available that looks like what i want to build, so I beguine to build it from scratch. It’s fun, and I don’t mind the time element involved in building a scene for it helps pass the time and I do so much enjoy the finished product.

Soon the warmth of Spring will be calling us both outside and the Model railroad will be put on hold till next Winter. In the mean time I still will be looking thru magazines and Rail Fan Websites looking for that next scene I want to build.


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