138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


As it stands right now, The storm is going south of us, and once again (Third Time) we have been spared the misery of having to shovel snow. As for our other project, I cooked the roast this Morning as per directions, and it perviated the house with the smell of a near West side of Chicago aroma of Italian eating establishments. After reaching 130 Deg. internal Temperature I removed the roast and place it in the refrigerator for 4 hrs. I strained the jucies and also refrigerated . This afternoon I brought up our meat slicer and sliced the roast into very thin shavings and placed back in the fridge. I began to saute the Green Pepper slices in Olive oil till tender and set them aside to cool. I walked down to the Kroger store down the hill from us to get some Italian Buns or Bratwurst rolls to serve the Italian Beef on but alas, living in a small town with hardly any Italian Ethnic background I will have to wait till Kay gets home and I can go to the Big Kroger store on the West side of town, or possibly Walmart by the Bypass. In any case, the MImageeat taste just like a Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich should taste, and the recipe is has been filed in my cookbook as a 5 Star Meal.


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