138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason


March 1st. is upon us, like a Lamb here. Did our grocery shopping and the total was lower than usual. .30 cents shy of $200.00 bucks, we’ll still have to get a few things thru the Month like Milk, bread. Our neighbor Cathy Sund is coming home after 4 years being stationed in Naples Italy. Her 30 year inlistment is over on the 1st. of May. Cathy will stop by here on her way to New Mexico where she’ll retire to take care of her Mother. Were so looking forward to seeing her again.

   Kay’s Birthday is tomorrow and we’ll celebrate it by going to the Olive Garden in Sandusky for Dinner. Then Monday she’ll take off for her Sons house for a week of baby sitting and getting here fix of Grand-kids. Molly and I will stand guard over the house while she’s gone.

   Well, see you all Monday. Have a great weekend.


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