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Everything Happens for a Reason


Is it the lack of Pride in ones job? Is it the missing discipline in a mundane life? What ever it is , it sucks! It just goes to show you that there are a vast majority of idiots out there. Where did they come from? How did they become that way? The answer is “Dr. Spock”. “How Dr. Spock destroyed America.” is an article written by Reb Bradley and it can be found thru Google and it’s a good description of whats happening right now in this country. It also recommends some interesting books on the same subject.

   My wife and I raised our children in the early 70’s and both of us where raised by the swatch (belt). Discipline, respect and education were the  ways tought us and my Wife at the time said after reading Dr. Spocks baby care books. “BullShit” We raised our children the same way we were raised and I have to say they turned out to be wonderful adults . A good kick in the Ass is a positive way bestowing respect in a child when it defies the way theirImage being raised. Watch some of those documentaries on Television about animals and raising there young. See how the adults discipline there young, It’s Natures way of making sure every generation is the same. So the next time your in a store and a child is testing it’s parent by screaming and yelling and being destructive, say to your self ” Now I know why Tigers eat there young”.


Thanks for listening.


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