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audrey-hepburnWe went to the show recently to see “Lincoln” and thoroughly enjoyed it, the movie that is. When we got home we discussed to movie and applauded it’s merits both in Actors and Production. So the conversation turned to the theater it self, and how going to the movies has changed in our lifetime. Granted were old and pretty much set in our ways but we both do accept new ways and try to fit in to modern society. Tickets have gone up in price as has everything else and we accept that, But Popcorn, Holy Crap, Candy, Wow, Drinks, unbelievable! Unless you are rolling in money, a trip to the show could put you in Chapter 13.

Mainly because of this Kay and I shy away from going to the movies. It’s only when we can’t wait for it to become available on Netflix that we bite the bullet and go to the show. We had the pleasure of living in the time when movies were pure entertainment. You left the theater with a smile on your face or a tear in your eye and a warm feeling that they lived “Happily ever after”.

Now a days it takes a lot to entertain people, Explosions, Bloody scenes, foul language and scenes that should only be seen in the privacy of your own bedroom. Dialog between two actors has all but disappeared from the screen, That’s why we enjoyed Lincoln so much.Movies like Casablanca, Picnic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s,  so many more. That’s why Kay and I enjoy Netflix so much because we can pull-up all those wonderful movies and watch them again and enjoy the inter-action between two actors telling a story weather it be fiction or non.

Back in Chicago, in the 40’s and 50’s I use to get a Quarter each week as an allowance and couldn’t wait till Saturday when i use to walk down the North Center theater on Lincoln, Damen and Irving Park Rd. to catch a Tom Mix Western, a Superman Serial and 25 Cartoons for 7 cents. I also bought a Holloway Bar for a penny as a treat. They had a Cold Water Fountain in the lobby if you needed a drink. After the show I would I would walk down to the corner of Irving park Blvd. cross over to Damen Ave, and down a block to the Bugg Theater, Pay another 7 cents to catch a Abbot and Costello movie and another 25 Cartoons. I still had my Holloway Bar. I would walk home from there,  It was late, but I would stop at Leo’s Drug Store on Western Ave. and buy my self the “Archie” comic book.That took 5 cents. I put the last Nickel in my Piggy bank. That was my Saturday. And I was fully Entertained.

Thanks for listening to me.


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