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Kay and I do not use any Satellite or Cable connections for our television viewing, We use what they use to call an Antenna now known as over Air broadcasting. Our selection of stations is few as we live over 40 miles from any large city and the selection of programs are also few so Kay and I do a lot of talking to each other an read a lot of books. We do have a few Telivision programs that we like and make an effort to watch them when we can. Kay likes Revenge and the Good Wife, and I like NCIS. We both enjoy the progaming on PBS and when we can pick them up (weather) we’ll make an evening of it.

  A week or so ago we sat in the Family room discussing how Television has changed over our life time, Technically wise and Programming content. Of course I go back a few more years than Kay, so I can remember the Birth of Television. My family’s first dealing with this new found folly was a 7″ Hallicrafter (sp) Television. There was only a few hours of broadcasting each night and then only on certain nights. No Saturday or Sunday programs. It wasn’t till the late 40’s that regular programming was available.

   It was in the early 80’s that Cable T.V. became the thing to have with it’s promise of more stations, Movies and the best thing ever, No Commercials. Commercials up to then weren’t too bad, more repetitive than anything. Well anyway, we all signed up for Cable enjoyed for about two years than commercials began to appear on the programming and it hasn’t stopped since then.

     Kay and I could afford Satellite T.V. but the rearing we both had as children in a conservative family and the value we both put on a dollar stops us from doing so. We get Commercials on over the air programming and find them too numerous and an insult to our intelligence But, their Free. How can one justify spending close to a hundred dollars a month for programming that insults your intelligence, plus pay for Commercials that in addition insult you.



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2 thoughts on “Reminising

  1. I can’t stand commercials. I have TiVo which allows me to fast forward through commercials. I sometimes feel like I should give up TV and get back to enjoying life. But in all honesty, I only watch about an hour of TV a day an it’s usually right before bed. So it sort of seems pointless to spend $100/month on it. Oh well. Hey, I have some blog ideas for you! You should blog about some of your Vietnam Days, Youth stories from DG and what not as well as blog about some of Kay’s cooking and your cooking. Those would be great to read. You have experienced so much life I feel like I haven’t done Diddley in my piddly 39 years on this earth. 🙂

  2. We haven’t had cable in years and after we got high speed internet access we picked up a Roku box ($60-$100) Which will allow you to stream a lot of content from movies, old TV shows and other stuff for free to your TV. But our main use of it is to stream Netflix for $8/ month and we can watch TV shows and movies without commercials. We watch some newer TV shows with it and lots of older ones from 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

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