138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason

COFFEE ! Mom and I both love our Coffee. In fact, we cannot function with a cup or two each morning. When I started this Blog I didn’t foresee all the Technical information I would need nor was I aware of the jarregan that’s used to describe the simplest acts on my part as I play with this new venture I created. I may end up waiting for my Computer savvy Daughter to visit and allow her to show me what I’m doing wrong.

  Well, tomorrow were suppose to be hit with another Winter Storm so we’ve been going around and battening down the hatch’s and checking our supplies that may be needed in the event we do have a storm. The last two we’ve been warned about never materialized so both Mom and and I are a little apprehensive being this is the third. Kay is planning to drive down to Brian and Sam’s next Monday to Babysit the kids while Sam’s at another Conference in Vegas and Brian is going to be working nights.Here’s hoping the weather has cleared by then. Me? I’ve still have some work to finish up on the Model railroad., so I’ll keep myself busy there.

     Well, I tried some stuff on this blog, let see if I did good.


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  1. Hey Poppers! Loving the blog! I hope you can keep up with it. It’s hard! I’ll try and do my best too! When I come out we’ll play and make it cool! So tell us about the blog title though? Where does it come from? I understand the 138 but ruebonheur, if i remember my French it means Good Hour Road?

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