138 rue de bonheur

Everything Happens for a Reason

How does she do it ?

Today started out differently then a normal day for us. We normally get up about 7:00 AM  Have several cups of coffee, toast, proceed to make our beds, brush teeth and get dressed and underway about 9:00 AM.  This morning I had a Dr. appointment in Sandusky at 8:30 AM  (Skin Dr.) so it was up at 6:30, shave, coffee, toast, and dressed by 7:00. Molly out for a walk and back by 7:15. Kay wanted to go with me so I got her up at 7:00 and we left for the 45 Min  drive to Sandusky. Appointment went well, no new Melanoma, and we drove back arriving home arriving at 9:30.

  Since then Kay has started 4 loads of laundry, made and baked two Blueberry Pies, and commenced to working on the 4 chairs she is re-caning. She has already done an old rocker and our four chairs in the Dinning room. Yesterday she made us a pot of Chicken Soup which we’ll finish up tonight. Tonight is exercise night as is Tuesday nights and Saturday Mornings. Kay is also taking Crochet lessons and has become very good at making small items. Next week she’ll be taking Knitting lessons, and in April Kay will be teaching Caning.

   Over the Winter Kay has made three Quilts, Painted and remodeled her Bedroom. Hey Listen… It’s not that I sit and watch, I’m given orders to do the Manly things like, Fold Clothes, Order Rush and Caning, Hang Blinds, go get paint, Grocery shop, plan meals, prepare meals, dust and Vacuum all of witch I do between working on my Model Railroad and writing this Blog. But I’m always amazed at Kay and wonder where she gets all that energy to just keep on going. (Reminds me of a Pink Rabbit). 



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