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Everything Happens for a Reason

Lets see, Divide by ah, 2?

  How many of us browse thru magazines and come across a really good looking recipe for something we like. We copy it down and check the cupboard for the items needed, and then we notice down at the last sentence of the instructions to prepare this outstanding culinary gift is the statement,”Feeds 6″. But were only two! Shit! Now I have to rewrite it so in the final out come, It’s a meal prepared for two. Lets see, I have to divide by ?  Oh crap, Two is a third of 6  but that will give me half. Three is Half of six, so that will give me two. Maybe I should have payed more attention in Algebra class in High School. Now that I have figured out that every ingredient listed will have to be divided by 3. Time to get the calculator, the conversion chart for Pounds to Ounces and visa verse, scratch paper, sharp pencil my computer so I can goggle questions like do I need to cook this meal at 350 degrees for two Hours ?. I’m only making 1/3 of this recipe, shouldn’t the cooking time be less. How about the temp. More or less? Can I make substitutions for items I don’t have in the house? I really hate having to drive to the grocery store to pick up that item, Wait,… Was that 4 oz  or 14 ? I forgot my list! I keep looking at that picture of the final meal displayed so colorfully  in the Magazine and think to my self, If I go ahead and make this meal, Can I really make mine look that good. Will it taste as good as it looks? I picture this culinary masterpiece sitting on our kitchen table ready to be eaten,  I glance back at the mess I made on the stove, I hear the screams from Kay on what I did to her clean kitchen, I look at the picture in the magazine  reach for it, I crumble it up into a ball and proclaim in a sound voice ” Having Hot Dogs for Supper”! “That sounds fine to me” proclaims Kay.


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