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Everything Happens for a Reason

Unusual weather were having (again). I think it was mark Twain who said ” Everybody talks about the Weather, but nobody does anything about it”. Enter Climate Change! I believe we have done some thing about the Weather over the last 100 years,  and now were paying for it.

   Kay and I love the changes in the seasons, the expected changes in temperature, the rain, the snow. The color changes and the smells that announce the birth of Spring and the death of Fall. Being old, as I am, I still have a good memory of my childhood and the days spent living on the near-North side of Chicago. We had Hot days, where I spent the day in the wading pool in Paul Revere Park, Cold days spent inside playing with toys along side the Steam Radiator in the living room. Snow days when I would be outside building Snow Forts and sledding down Campbell Ave. in a Snow Suit that was so restrictive of my movements that I must of looked like a Zombie walking down the middle of the street dragging my sled behind me.

    We still have the same kind of Weather today as we had back then, but I don’t remember it being so extreme and so long in duration. We never had the wind then as we have today, The massive storms, the Tornadoes  and the Hurricanes  Maybe we did, and with today’s Social media Binge, we are made more aware of the weathers violence. Maybe it was always that way. I do know that it’s different than it was 70 years ago. But as always, we’ll carry on, complaining about the Weather and not doing a Damn thing about it!



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