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Is it the lack of Pride in ones job? Is it the missing discipline in a mundane life? What ever it is , it sucks! It just goes to show you that there are a vast majority of idiots out there. Where did they come from? How did they become that way? The answer is “Dr. Spock”. “How Dr. Spock destroyed America.” is an article written by Reb Bradley and it can be found thru Google and it’s a good description of whats happening right now in this country. It also recommends some interesting books on the same subject.

   My wife and I raised our children in the early 70’s and both of us where raised by the swatch (belt). Discipline, respect and education were the  ways tought us and my Wife at the time said after reading Dr. Spocks baby care books. “BullShit” We raised our children the same way we were raised and I have to say they turned out to be wonderful adults . A good kick in the Ass is a positive way bestowing respect in a child when it defies the way theirImage being raised. Watch some of those documentaries on Television about animals and raising there young. See how the adults discipline there young, It’s Natures way of making sure every generation is the same. So the next time your in a store and a child is testing it’s parent by screaming and yelling and being destructive, say to your self ” Now I know why Tigers eat there young”.


Thanks for listening.



audrey-hepburnWe went to the show recently to see “Lincoln” and thoroughly enjoyed it, the movie that is. When we got home we discussed to movie and applauded it’s merits both in Actors and Production. So the conversation turned to the theater it self, and how going to the movies has changed in our lifetime. Granted were old and pretty much set in our ways but we both do accept new ways and try to fit in to modern society. Tickets have gone up in price as has everything else and we accept that, But Popcorn, Holy Crap, Candy, Wow, Drinks, unbelievable! Unless you are rolling in money, a trip to the show could put you in Chapter 13.

Mainly because of this Kay and I shy away from going to the movies. It’s only when we can’t wait for it to become available on Netflix that we bite the bullet and go to the show. We had the pleasure of living in the time when movies were pure entertainment. You left the theater with a smile on your face or a tear in your eye and a warm feeling that they lived “Happily ever after”.

Now a days it takes a lot to entertain people, Explosions, Bloody scenes, foul language and scenes that should only be seen in the privacy of your own bedroom. Dialog between two actors has all but disappeared from the screen, That’s why we enjoyed Lincoln so much.Movies like Casablanca, Picnic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s,  so many more. That’s why Kay and I enjoy Netflix so much because we can pull-up all those wonderful movies and watch them again and enjoy the inter-action between two actors telling a story weather it be fiction or non.

Back in Chicago, in the 40’s and 50’s I use to get a Quarter each week as an allowance and couldn’t wait till Saturday when i use to walk down the North Center theater on Lincoln, Damen and Irving Park Rd. to catch a Tom Mix Western, a Superman Serial and 25 Cartoons for 7 cents. I also bought a Holloway Bar for a penny as a treat. They had a Cold Water Fountain in the lobby if you needed a drink. After the show I would I would walk down to the corner of Irving park Blvd. cross over to Damen Ave, and down a block to the Bugg Theater, Pay another 7 cents to catch a Abbot and Costello movie and another 25 Cartoons. I still had my Holloway Bar. I would walk home from there,  It was late, but I would stop at Leo’s Drug Store on Western Ave. and buy my self the “Archie” comic book.That took 5 cents. I put the last Nickel in my Piggy bank. That was my Saturday. And I was fully Entertained.

Thanks for listening to me.


Kay and I do not use any Satellite or Cable connections for our television viewing, We use what they use to call an Antenna now known as over Air broadcasting. Our selection of stations is few as we live over 40 miles from any large city and the selection of programs are also few so Kay and I do a lot of talking to each other an read a lot of books. We do have a few Telivision programs that we like and make an effort to watch them when we can. Kay likes Revenge and the Good Wife, and I like NCIS. We both enjoy the progaming on PBS and when we can pick them up (weather) we’ll make an evening of it.

  A week or so ago we sat in the Family room discussing how Television has changed over our life time, Technically wise and Programming content. Of course I go back a few more years than Kay, so I can remember the Birth of Television. My family’s first dealing with this new found folly was a 7″ Hallicrafter (sp) Television. There was only a few hours of broadcasting each night and then only on certain nights. No Saturday or Sunday programs. It wasn’t till the late 40’s that regular programming was available.

   It was in the early 80’s that Cable T.V. became the thing to have with it’s promise of more stations, Movies and the best thing ever, No Commercials. Commercials up to then weren’t too bad, more repetitive than anything. Well anyway, we all signed up for Cable enjoyed for about two years than commercials began to appear on the programming and it hasn’t stopped since then.

     Kay and I could afford Satellite T.V. but the rearing we both had as children in a conservative family and the value we both put on a dollar stops us from doing so. We get Commercials on over the air programming and find them too numerous and an insult to our intelligence But, their Free. How can one justify spending close to a hundred dollars a month for programming that insults your intelligence, plus pay for Commercials that in addition insult you.


COFFEE ! Mom and I both love our Coffee. In fact, we cannot function with a cup or two each morning. When I started this Blog I didn’t foresee all the Technical information I would need nor was I aware of the jarregan that’s used to describe the simplest acts on my part as I play with this new venture I created. I may end up waiting for my Computer savvy Daughter to visit and allow her to show me what I’m doing wrong.

  Well, tomorrow were suppose to be hit with another Winter Storm so we’ve been going around and battening down the hatch’s and checking our supplies that may be needed in the event we do have a storm. The last two we’ve been warned about never materialized so both Mom and and I are a little apprehensive being this is the third. Kay is planning to drive down to Brian and Sam’s next Monday to Babysit the kids while Sam’s at another Conference in Vegas and Brian is going to be working nights.Here’s hoping the weather has cleared by then. Me? I’ve still have some work to finish up on the Model railroad., so I’ll keep myself busy there.

     Well, I tried some stuff on this blog, let see if I did good.


My Blog will resume Monday.


I came across an article today in a magazine I subscribe to and it really got my attention on how we as a society has changed to accommodate ones physical build. This has taken me most of the Morning to gather up facts, pictures and some old artifacts. Of course being a train Nut, most of this story has to deal with travel on public transportation of the kind on steel tracks.

In a recent article in the March edition of “Chicago” Magazine, writer Jeff Ruby aka (The Urbanist) wrote about Chicago’s new fleet of Elevated Rail Cars. ( The Cars from El). In describing the new cars he told of the Modern Seats being 171/2″ wide. This got me thinking after seeing a picture of these new seats of how much seating on public transportation has evolved

I remember riding Public transportation in Chicago when I was young and remember the seating arrangement on the cars of the Elevated trains. In the early 40’s the cars where wooden and not heated in the Winter but the windows did open for Summer travel and the seat were upholstered and 47-51″ wide. Then in the 50/60’s the cars became Modern and seating was 37″ wide and they were upholstered in a plastic fabric. Most of the seats were double but a few were single and  ran along the sides of the car, these where also 171/2″  For the most part, 17 1/2″ was the norm for passenger seating from the early 20’s to the present day. In researching seating requirements I found this to the norm in Aircraft also. So if it’s becoming the norm to charge an Airline Passenger twice for a seat because his or her Ass fails to meet the norm, being 17 1/2″ wide, I foresee the day when Public transportation will prohibit travel on any of it’s means of transportation unless one conforms to it’s safety regulations. Thus reducing the obese public back to normal requirements of possessing a 17 1/2″ wide Ass.

How does she do it ?

Today started out differently then a normal day for us. We normally get up about 7:00 AM  Have several cups of coffee, toast, proceed to make our beds, brush teeth and get dressed and underway about 9:00 AM.  This morning I had a Dr. appointment in Sandusky at 8:30 AM  (Skin Dr.) so it was up at 6:30, shave, coffee, toast, and dressed by 7:00. Molly out for a walk and back by 7:15. Kay wanted to go with me so I got her up at 7:00 and we left for the 45 Min  drive to Sandusky. Appointment went well, no new Melanoma, and we drove back arriving home arriving at 9:30.

  Since then Kay has started 4 loads of laundry, made and baked two Blueberry Pies, and commenced to working on the 4 chairs she is re-caning. She has already done an old rocker and our four chairs in the Dinning room. Yesterday she made us a pot of Chicken Soup which we’ll finish up tonight. Tonight is exercise night as is Tuesday nights and Saturday Mornings. Kay is also taking Crochet lessons and has become very good at making small items. Next week she’ll be taking Knitting lessons, and in April Kay will be teaching Caning.

   Over the Winter Kay has made three Quilts, Painted and remodeled her Bedroom. Hey Listen… It’s not that I sit and watch, I’m given orders to do the Manly things like, Fold Clothes, Order Rush and Caning, Hang Blinds, go get paint, Grocery shop, plan meals, prepare meals, dust and Vacuum all of witch I do between working on my Model Railroad and writing this Blog. But I’m always amazed at Kay and wonder where she gets all that energy to just keep on going. (Reminds me of a Pink Rabbit). 


Lets see, Divide by ah, 2?

  How many of us browse thru magazines and come across a really good looking recipe for something we like. We copy it down and check the cupboard for the items needed, and then we notice down at the last sentence of the instructions to prepare this outstanding culinary gift is the statement,”Feeds 6″. But were only two! Shit! Now I have to rewrite it so in the final out come, It’s a meal prepared for two. Lets see, I have to divide by ?  Oh crap, Two is a third of 6  but that will give me half. Three is Half of six, so that will give me two. Maybe I should have payed more attention in Algebra class in High School. Now that I have figured out that every ingredient listed will have to be divided by 3. Time to get the calculator, the conversion chart for Pounds to Ounces and visa verse, scratch paper, sharp pencil my computer so I can goggle questions like do I need to cook this meal at 350 degrees for two Hours ?. I’m only making 1/3 of this recipe, shouldn’t the cooking time be less. How about the temp. More or less? Can I make substitutions for items I don’t have in the house? I really hate having to drive to the grocery store to pick up that item, Wait,… Was that 4 oz  or 14 ? I forgot my list! I keep looking at that picture of the final meal displayed so colorfully  in the Magazine and think to my self, If I go ahead and make this meal, Can I really make mine look that good. Will it taste as good as it looks? I picture this culinary masterpiece sitting on our kitchen table ready to be eaten,  I glance back at the mess I made on the stove, I hear the screams from Kay on what I did to her clean kitchen, I look at the picture in the magazine  reach for it, I crumble it up into a ball and proclaim in a sound voice ” Having Hot Dogs for Supper”! “That sounds fine to me” proclaims Kay.

Unusual weather were having (again). I think it was mark Twain who said ” Everybody talks about the Weather, but nobody does anything about it”. Enter Climate Change! I believe we have done some thing about the Weather over the last 100 years,  and now were paying for it.

   Kay and I love the changes in the seasons, the expected changes in temperature, the rain, the snow. The color changes and the smells that announce the birth of Spring and the death of Fall. Being old, as I am, I still have a good memory of my childhood and the days spent living on the near-North side of Chicago. We had Hot days, where I spent the day in the wading pool in Paul Revere Park, Cold days spent inside playing with toys along side the Steam Radiator in the living room. Snow days when I would be outside building Snow Forts and sledding down Campbell Ave. in a Snow Suit that was so restrictive of my movements that I must of looked like a Zombie walking down the middle of the street dragging my sled behind me.

    We still have the same kind of Weather today as we had back then, but I don’t remember it being so extreme and so long in duration. We never had the wind then as we have today, The massive storms, the Tornadoes  and the Hurricanes  Maybe we did, and with today’s Social media Binge, we are made more aware of the weathers violence. Maybe it was always that way. I do know that it’s different than it was 70 years ago. But as always, we’ll carry on, complaining about the Weather and not doing a Damn thing about it!


In preparation for Facebook’s final days

I’m starting this Blog so that our family and Friends will be able to read about Kay and I. I gave up on Facebook as a venue to keeping everyone up to date on what were doing, where were going, If any of you have a Facebook page, and have been using it on a daily basis, you’ve seen how it’s changed from a way of communicating with Family and friends to a outlet for venting subjects and/or believes. I’m old fashioned  and Kay and I are having a hard time of living thru this Social Media thing. If you can’t say anything good about a person, then don’t say anything at all. Don’t bring your Social, Political, and Religious believes to the table unless your asked for them!

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